SBM talks about the step that invests arenaceous stone product line

  • SBM talks about the step that invests arenaceous stone product line

    In show level below the circumstance with natural sanded ceaseless and dried up resource, investing arenaceous stone to produce is become rich well channel.

    How to build factory of arenaceous stone factory, stone factory, quarry, cobble, arenaceous plant? What item does need notice in the process that build a plant?

    The first pace is investigation place market level, look do this group to have without market prospect, profit how? Market how? Do not hit battle blindly.

    Because difference of price of each district arenaceous stone is bigger,this is, knew market level only, undertaking ability rational has cost accounting according to.

    Mine of make choice of of the 2nd pace or reach, deal with relevant exploitation formalities, otherwise even if is rushed production, troublesome issue is met one pile.

    Because each district is right environmental protection examine and verify is stricter, whether to add so install dust collector to also must consider inside.

    The 3rd pace is to inspect sanded stone facility, choose the manufacturer with an abundant actual strength, decide the facilities of arenaceous stone product line with an excellent quality. After service also has assure.

    The 4th pace, should buy broken screening machine, still need to solve project machine, be like fork-lift truck, grab, the problem of carriage car, and the problem that exploitation equipment blows up.

    The 5th pace, after all equipment reach the designated position, can install debug test-drive, worker of invite applications for a job, exploit a mine surely system, decide management, contact a client, in be being operated actually actually, be to first client reinvest does factory production partly quite, market is the first.

    Does so commonly used arenaceous stone produce equipment what to machine need?

    Arenaceous stone product line includes crusher of type of thick broken another name for Hubei province, crusher of finely jaw type, strike back type captures stone machine, conic mood crusher, hammer type crusher, right type of concussion of roller type crusher, vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy makes arenaceous machine, oscillatory feeder, circle vibrating separator, Sha Shi annulus fights type to wash arenaceous machine, and each model the equipment such as conveyer. By installation means cent is stationary, half movable type and movable type 3 kinds, its handle ability to be 10 ~ 500t/h, finished product granuality and grading need according to the user and decide, it is 0 ~ 40mm normally.

    How to choose arenaceous stone product line to produce equipment manufacturer?

    Want to inspect manufacturer above all, see the actual strength of manufacturer, credit, dimensions, the manufacturing workshop that should inspect manufacturer on the spot often chats with the technical personnel of manufacturer even, talk about issue of technology of a few products, the client has the understanding of knowledge of a few technologies and study before undertaking manufacturer makes an on-the-spot investigation; Want to see the product quality of manufacturer next, technical level, adult rate; The client that should inspect manufacturer again produces the spot, user spot is the most convincing. Last want goods to compare 3 surely, make an on-the-spot investigation carefully, serious choice.

    Regard the manufacturer of arenaceous stone equipment with Central Plains large area as the home, before SBM mine machine welcomes you, will make an on-the-spot investigation seek advice. Our service hot line is: 400-0371-933