Arenaceous Shi Jia of cloth dimension hydroelectric station is versed in main facility type selecting deploys the system

  • Arenaceous Shi Jia of cloth dimension hydroelectric station is versed in main facility type selecting deploys the system

    Cloth dimension hydroelectric station is located in Ghana western black Woerte on the river, the river is black Woerte the border land river of Ketediwa and Bujilafasuo and Ghana, originate Yu Buji pulls a law to all alone. Cloth dimension hydroelectric station advocate dam presses concrete large dams to grind, most large dams tall 110m, concrete gross makes an appointment with 1.1 million stere, grind among them press concrete to make an appointment with 900 thousand stere. Concrete of large volume of large dams of cloth dimension hydroelectric station is ground with 3 grading C15 press concrete to give priority to, normal concrete basically is structural place concrete.
    Control sexual plan arrangement according to construction, irrigate by concrete height period of time build strength computation of 120 thousand stere / month, decide arenaceous stone system designs H of / of processing capability 900t, design H of productivity 762t / , this systematic scale of production depends on this design namely. Concrete is irrigated build fastigium, arenaceous stone system but short-term inside organize production by three-shift system.
    Thick broken. It is the requirement of 900t / H according to treating capacity of thick broken workshop, because stope blows up,the stone that diameter of the bead in the stock after is less than 150mm has about 23 % , this part stone can pass feeder directly, the effective demand treating capacity of reason crusher is 693t / H, thick broken choose crusher of two E Shi of Tai Meizhuo C125 (stand-alone processing capability is 410t / H) .
    In finely. Broken workshop treating capacity is 492t / H in this system, choose two Tai Meizhuo GP300S conic crusher, GP300S crusher stand-alone handles ability to be 400t / H(E=40mm) about, this equipment load is led for 61. 49 % , finely workshop treating capacity is 129t / H, choose one Tai Meizhuo GP30OMF conic crusher, GP300MF crusher stand-alone handles ability to be 200t / H(E=16mm) about, this equipment load is led for 64. 79 % . Standard of completely contented design asks.
    Make arenaceous equipment. Exceed finely workshop treating capacity to be 74h / H, choose 3 B9100 to pound type crusher, equipment stand-alone carrying capacity is left and right sides of 385t / H, this equipment performance is superior, product bead look is good, and use system of arenaceous stone of brook of the bank below Yu Sanxia successfully. The club grinds workshop treating capacity to be 72t / H, choose two MBZ2136 rod mill, this equipment ever was applied extensively, and arenaceous product quality is good.
    Screen dispenses dewatering equipment. The first screening chooses two 2YKR3060 vibrating separator, the 2nd screening chooses two 2YKR2460 circle brace up sieve, the 3rd screening chooses 3 2168V high frequency vibrating separator; Finished product arenaceous dehydrate chooses ZSJ1233 to be sifted point-blank, stand-alone handles ability to be H of / of 40 ~ 60t; Be in respectively 14# , 24# , tail of machine of 25# adhesive plaster installs a ZKR1445 each the big stone before linear sieve is used at cleaning to enter a storehouse, medium stone, gravelstone; Each aggregate rinses water, club to grind workshop helix grader to classification the barrel-drain of stone pink classics of the prediction of a person's luck in a given year after dehydration flows into sedimentation basin, next by after black tornado reclaims, one 200B of a ZX carries storehouse of finished product makings via machine of 42# adhesive plaster, this method receives success application in many building site.