The operation measure of grinder

  • The operation measure of grinder

    Gnathic type crusher is installation is above the foundation of concrete commonly. The weight in view of broken mine machine is greater, working requirement evil bad, and the machine produces very large force again in movement, make foundation and machine system produce vibration. Fundamental Zhen Chong attacks type crusher to move the vibration that causes other machine equipment and building construction directly again. Accordingly, the foundation of broken mine machine, must separate with the foundation of workshop. In the meantime, to reduce vibration, rubber or lumber are placed to make liner between base of broken mine engine and frame. To assure the movement with broken mine successive and normal machine, develop the productivity of equipment adequately, for this, the correct operation that must inspect pair of broken mine machine again from the thought, often be safeguarded and scheduled maintenance. One, the operation of broken mine machine is operated correctly is to make sure broken mine machine is continuous one of main factors of regular job. The operation is undeserved or in unit process of cargo bandling neglectful, often be the main reason that causes equipment and person accident. The correct grinder regulation that operate even if presses operating rules strictly is carried out. The preparation before starting works: In gnathic type broken mine machine is started previously, must undertake comprehensive microscope to equipment: Inspect the wear out condition of broken toothed segment, mix up discharges mine mouth dimension; The examination has inside broken antrum without ore, if have chunk ore, must take out; Whether does connection bolt become loose; The protective outer garment of leather belt annulus and flywheel is complete; The level of degree of tightness of V belt and pull rod bedspring is appropriate; Complex formula crusher lay aside gasoline tank (or lay aside striking oil is oily implement) the whole situation of the flood degree of oily quantity and lubricant system; Electric set equipment and signal system to whether be waited a moment normally.

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