Facilities of the production that hit sand has yield machine assorted passing the chunk of different process raw material has reasonable treatment

  • The equipment that hit sand also is called make arenaceous product line, it is the many diverse new-style product line that undertake assorted to makings, broken, screening and become combination, its stone in chunk of suitable equipment lieutenant general undertakes machining suitable grain size through different process, pile up in what differ in sanded, fine sand, n produces section, the whole system that hit sand controls a system to have the switch opportunity of entire facility through the center, the production that controls whole product line and exercise, form a complete set is reasonable between different equipment, in order to assure the normal production of whole equipment and movement.
    The equipment that hit sand produces working principle:
    This equipment basically is be undertaken assorted by many equipment and become, the raw material that it is a chunk has orderly treatment jointly through different equipment, as a result of the composition of different equipment, into expect and go out makings is orderly pass in and out, whole productivity is decided according to the model of equipment and size, be placed when raw material after makings storehouse is medium, the below of makings storehouse has a ventage, time mensurable supply gives feeding machine, oscillatory feeding machine is in whole production process, according to the character of producer goods, cell body can be hypostatic also can be Bi type, the raw material of will little grain undertakes beforehand screening, again even and orderly supply is defeated to jaw, jaw is broken in machining the stone of chunk little grain, next concussion makes arenaceous machine use high-speed wallop to have rock of whole little grain machining suitable sand seed spends bulk, the vibrating separator mixture these granuality size undertakes the classification that suit dene, differ according to the aperture of the demand of the market and screen mesh etc.
    Facilities of the production that hit sand is combination of form a complete set of exercise of an automation line type, each equipment make be improved again on sound technology and structure with absorbing different domestic and international machine, stone of the ore that is used at all sorts of hardness, river, hill stone, can have reasonable treatment and production.