Finely aircraft equipment has iron ore what

  • Finely aircraft equipment has iron ore what

    Finely machine is in iron ore the finely equipment in basically be in charge of on product line of iron ore treatment, its action conduces to deep treatment of mineral separation of later period iron ore, so finely aircraft equipment has iron ore what optional. According to the hardness of iron ore and compressive strength, can apply to its finely iron ore finely aircraft equipment basically has the following kinds:

    The iron ore of efficient and finely machine is finely

    Choose this efficient and finely machine to regard iron ore as finely equipment, the advantage is main have

    1. freeboard is finely: Adjusting gear of breaker plate of bottom of efficient and finely machine, blow board regulating unit, granuality is refined, came true completely - the finely work requirement of 10mm level, - the stock scale of 5mm can be achieved 60% the left and right sides, finely scale promotes stock.

    2. is efficient and energy-saving: Equipment decreases in specific power consumption of the electric machinery below coequal crop 40% , after was being used double open the door structure, make change fragile more convenient and fast.

    3. is broken than big: But iron ore stock 2, 3 class are broken, amalgamative for one class broken, craft simplifies.

    The iron ore of finely to roller machine is finely

    Finely to roller machine is opposite namely roller crusher, this equipment also can undertake to iron ore in break and finely, choose this equipment to regard iron ore as expression of finely plane dominant position for:

    1. broken way is more scientific, those who use is " swarm broken " means, two photographs the roller to scroll, wait for finely effect to iron ore especially good.

    2. iron ore is finely machine service life is longer, what use as a result of this equipment is stainless steel, have two hard roller skins, equipment rusts not easily, plus protection of exterior lacquer layer, service life of equipment is longer.

    Short head is conic the iron ore of crusher is finely

    Conic crusher can divide bedspring for standard type, short head dummy, among model conic broken, among them conic crusher is opposite short head dummy mineral have finely effect best, undertake to iron ore so finely when, also can choose short head conic crusher undertakes.

    Iron ore is finely aircraft equipment manufacturer

    Here recommends SBM machine, above of finely aircraft equipment involves manufacturing iron ore have, model is all ready, quality is superior, price justice, welcome an userSeek advice freelyIts are specific and relevant information, additional, still can machine product line to undertake designing to rectify an iron ore, the welcome seeks advice.