Stand grind engine system security to ensure measure

  • One, standThe security that grinds a system is ensured especially important, in systematic moving process: 1 control stands grind the entrance temperature of machine; 2 ensure establish the air that wears a system flat rate; 3 in establish those who grind a system to grind machine collect dust implement the mouth set explosion proof door at each o'clock, grinding machine and collect dust implement set fire prevention plant at each o'clock; 4 systems equipment is had antistatic measure.

    2, Open stops when machine, undertake full N to each equipment and Chu Cang2Prevent light, explosion proof measure.

    3, Stoving: Vertical grinds coal machines and tools to have stoving function, in the machine that grind coal the end that take wind introduces hot air, temperature of the drying that has pair of stock, hot airy and can be controlled with tolerance according to raw material moisture.