Service instruction: SBM strikes back type crusher uses skill

  • Service instruction: SBM strikes back type crusher uses skill

    Everybody knows us from the shop perhaps shop in drugstore come back, pack in have operation instruction handbook, and this thing has been used before saying you, but the person that I believe to do not have try out to pass can look operation instruction handbook certainly above all, this is a very good habit. To the product with little thing we can see a manual go directly, but encounter “ colossus ” how to should be done, e.g. large mechanical facility. Although have service instruction, but still need skill, such ability get twice the result with half the effort.
    Strike back type crusher is the most commonly used breaking equipment, it is loved by broad user because of numerous advantage. For instance, into makings mouth big, broken pitch is high, get used to stock hardness tall, piece spend little; of pink of stone of big, product to strike back board can as convenient as bar clearance adjustment, effective control gives makings size, structure of particle shape good; strong, rotor has tigidity of compact, machine bar of big Gao Ge of; of moment of inertia, fight concussion, fight wear away, concussion muscularity; joins without key, the overhaul is convenient, economy is reliable; broken function complete, productivity wear and tear of tall, parts is small, integrated benefit is advanced characteristic.

    Next we strike back type crusher uses skill a little:

    (1) handles personnel and equipment security to ensure, prohibit undertaking repairing in machine movement, adjust reach clear the job, prohibit opening all sorts of wicket.

    (2) is striking back broken movement is normal and rear but feed in raw material, feed makings should even, should prevent interfuse iron piece good thing. In stop feed in raw material must stop first before machine, park the stock inside machine broken end to stop electromotor again.

    (3) strikes back type crusher (turn over checkmate) routine often should be made check in locomotive process, have abnormal noise or bearing temperature prep above when discovery when 70 ℃ , answer to stop machine examination instantly, the ability after removing trouble in time can continue to switch on the mobile phone.

    (4) strikes back type crusher is in after overhaul or adjusting platoon makings mouth, answer to use manpower roll rotor first, affirm rotor and other part are done not have chafe and block a phenomenon and can turn neatly, square but actuate electromotor.
    (When 5) is checking fastener to whether become loose, should check rotor mainly the pressing plate bolt of bar of two side impaction, after preventing pressing plate to become loose, two end show bar rotor body, touch with airframe attack, scathing parts.

    (6) often should check bearing sealed good, bearing inside grease should be added every months note, every 3 months should clean oil change to reach entirely change asphalt felt.

    (7) should oppose checkmate broken machine when broken product size is too large, should stop wear out condition of machine examination bar, prevent rotor to be ground bad. When bar needs to adjust 180° to be used again because of wearing away, should make every bar equiponderant poise, happen in order to prevent after checkmate actuate instead shake.

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