SBMYPC120 mobile and broken station sends past Zhejiang Hangzhou successfully wide inferior property management limited company

  • Now, inside the plant of building rubbish processing that makes much greatly small town in home, often see imprint the mobile and broken screening that has sign of " of machine of mine of " Zhengzhou SBM stands ground of without a stop is working, the building rubbish environment of city of influence of one lot lot turns into the second birth aggregate that value does not poor and avoid bake bricks building materials, add cent for urban economy. The uses generally building rubbish resource on these markets turns processing equipment is machinery of a mine of city of Henan province Zhengzhou research and development of limited company of machinery of mine of enterprise Zhengzhou SBM makes. End April, machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine 3 months sales volume builds 2016 year 6 sets rubbish is mobile and broken screening stands, grow 10% compared to the same period, greeted the make a good beginning 2016.