Thunder cheats oil of leakage of grinder bearing box how to be solved

  • How is the oil of leakage of fan bearing box of unconscious grinder solved? The reason that has oil of a few kinds of leakage according to the structure of fan bearing box exists, the oil seal that is bearing box above all is bad, the phenomenon of occurrence leakage oil, but this kind of problem is to had compared those who solve, it is OK to need to change oil seal change oil seal only. Still have a kind of problem that may be bearing box itself, the case that does not coordinate appears of occurrence break and so on when perhaps be being machined for instance. These are the causes that cause leakage oil.

    Is the dominant that regards Ramon as grinder that ability after all be the most important? Some saying is Ramon grinder manufacturer, some saying is Ramon grinder quality, look in Henan SBM machinery the use person that those who decide grinder pink machine moves toward Ramon is Ramon machine, because they just are the contact person of final end, in the person that contact some thing when they can sum up an a lot of experience, contact of place of manufacturer of any thunder unconscious grinder is less than these experience, so if a company expands to real progress, communicate the product oneself what need to do so to improve well with the person that use.

    What place is the main distinction of thunder unconscious grinder and grey calcic machine? Above all the biggest distinction works namely the principle is not quite same, thunder unconscious grinder is abrade type, and calcic pink plane strikes type, they also are different to the fitness of stock, is the lime that has ironed with water for instance better with which kind of effects? Of course according to the experience of practice we can know, the effect of machine of the pink that use calcium is close friends at Ramon machine, signal to noise ratio of its a confusion of voices is lesser, yield is higher, and Ramon grinder noise is bigger, because it is among this form do not become makings layer, noise affirmation is bigger when such iron and iron are abrade.

    Does in Ramon the process that fineness adjustment need grinder pink plane most what is watchful link? The rotate speed that is analytic machine of course, the rotate speed that how controls analytic machine became the more crucial issue in this link, if be of analytic Electromechanical machine,the case with particular size of leather belt annulus falls, the adjustment of speed wants to adjusted inside 3 chamfer of every cone pulliy namely, groovy size can control the speed of speed namely, commonly diminutive Ramon machine just uses resemble this planting, if be large thunder,the word of unconscious grinder does not use the means that adjusts to this kind, it is finished through timing electric machinery. Timing electric machinery can control its rotate speed very well. That is to say can very good control is fineness this link.