Crusher of SBM company rolling-type is hot in selling

  • Crusher of SBM company rolling-type is hot in selling

    In environment of current and macroscopical economy relatively austere, battalion of already giving look forward to brings unprecedented challenge. But in the challenge also contain is worn development good luck, the key is not crestfallen before difficulty, dedicated at product of significant investment, innovation, breed brand, development market to wait. Can you produce a kind of efficient crusher that faces manufacturing company? Group of engineer of company mechanical research and development, successful development goes the rolling-type that applies to company production successive crusher, stable good, efficiency is tall, energy-saving, cover an area of an area small etc. Rolling-type crusher uses three-layer roll successive and broken, those who compare a tradition is industrial crusher rises 45% to 50% thermal efficiency; Fabrics of pass in and out is finished automatically by the system, crop amounts to 5-100 stere when / hour. Equipment requires operation of 1-3 renown worker only, more managing than common crusher personnel can decrease nearly 80% . In the meantime, because crusher uses three-layer net to take a structure, saved cover an area of an area, and hot utilization rate rises many. Be worth what carry is, because crusher is full automatic,change reduced factitious factor, increased product quality stability greatly. Depend on the character that equipment tall person prepares just about, although the crusher trial production of development of Zhengzhou SBM company has half an year to influence time only, also did not undertake large-scale conduct propaganda is popularized, but still attracted many clients to come to make visit, buy. The client of Malaysia adopts network posture medium the crusher of Zhengzhou SBM company, in comparing an imagination as a result of moving effect, be close friends, chase after besides oneself outside ordering, still introduced Vietnam client. At present the enterprise uses the requirement of crusher to rise, the utilization rate of crusher is sure the meeting is more and more frequent, this is the market prospect of their company crusher. Next, the company will hold product promotion to meet, attend the machinery that is in Shanghai to exhibit, recommend a product in the round. To the market prospect of crusher, SBM person confidence is full.