PFC1612 strikes back hammer type crusher repair

  • PFC1612 strikes back the rehabilitate of Chui type crusher cheats Jiang Yang to grow Jun Dengchang blueness (plant of cement of Sichuan China Ying, china Ying city 638609) limestone of hill of my factories and mines is broken use PFC1612 to strike back hammer type crusher. This crusher by airframe, rotor, comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb 5 parts comprise part of sieve, drive and bearing pin. Rotor diameter ¢ 1680, grow 140t/h. Since this equipment cast a person to use in December 1998 oneself, through a few years move, hammer type crusher hammer dish hammer axis aperture wears away serious, hammer axis ruptures frequent, be restricted badly and affected production. If buy rotor newly, charge amounts to 300 thousand yuan. The hammer that we decide pair of crusher rotor dish the aperture that beat an axis has repair.

    Because the specific issue of 1 existence avoids the construction of fixed link stopper of the change outside hammer axis formerly the design is unreasonable, the bolt that brings about fixed link stopper is easy rupture and hammer axis rotation, make hammer type crusher hammer dish on hammer axis aperture is ground big, bore diameter amounts to Lmm (former axis aperture is ¢ 90) , make hammer axis radial has beaten big and cause hammer axis to rupture, easy batter down is sifted with the sieve frame.

    Hammer dish two end secure the link stopper bolt that beats an axis to be M16, bolt is lesser, get power very big, bolt ruptures easily, make hammer axis mobile and produce hammer axis to rupture phenomenon.

    2 means of settlements to hammer dish the rehabilitate of hammer axis aperture has two kinds of plan. Plan one, hammer type crusher 8 hammer dish tear open entirely below, on the square axis tool that assembles the 300x 300 that makes afresh in, use boring of aperture of axis of former hammer of boring machine general to ¢ 115, make 64 axle sleeve (90H11 of axle sleeve internal diameter, external diameter ¢ 115) , axle sleeve cold outfit arrives on the axial aperture with good boring, next 8 hammer dish assemble go up in former square axis. Plan 2, do not disassemble hammer dish, after aperture of will original 64 hammer axis blocks solder up with armor plate, new and symmetrical boring the axial aperture of 64 90H11 (be like) . Plan one as a result of hammer dish those who assemble means is special, with us existence condition cannot disassemble hammer dish. Reason adopts plan 2 pairs of hammer dish hammer axis aperture has repair.

    The structure of the fixed link stopper of the change outside preventing hammer axis so is unreasonable, we are improved to blocking cake compose to undertake (if what show) .

    Improve plan of structure of around link stopper to will secure link stopper bolt formerly by M16 instead M20, use bolt of high strenth grade. Increased the strength of link stopper bolt, make bolt ruptures not easily.

    Hammer dish after Chui axis aperture and processing of link stopper bolt are over, be balanced into the action to whole rotor and static balancing desired result, and achieve a requirement.

    After rehabilitate of crusher of PFC1612 hammer type, move more through half an year, the breakdown that hammer axis ruptures easily has gotten eradicating, equipment movement is normal, crop, quality achieves a requirement, get very good economic benefits and social benefit.

    Receive draft to say period: 2005-07-05 Sichuan cement - 33