The primary delibrate that pink washs the broken appliance innovation when material is broken

  • Disintegrator of double smooth roll can overcome a few weakness of hammer type disintegrator, but the inadequacy that also has oneself. Its blemish basically is: Above all standard space is little, productivity is restricted, compare difficulty into makings mouth cloth; Next, jumpy to the radial of roller degree, of the wearability corrosion resistance of roller surface reach fight concussion capacity demand is very high. Home a few finalize the design the adjustment with general product clearance is more than 2mm, but want to be adjusted 0. Be about under 85mm from the structure, material, the many sided such as treatment tries to consider.

    Hammer type crusher and disintegrator of double smooth roll wash refined salt in the pink of my field had used in production, but manufacturing effect is very not ideal.

    Cause product particle size distribution particularly easily not all and crude salt loss is overmuch, raise the question such as cost. Produce a lot of problem that appears in the process through serious analysis, apply disintegrator of double tine roller to be able to overcome afore-mentioned weakness of all sorts of type disintegrator, and give attention to two or morethings its advantage.

    But the manufacturer that domestic Shang Mosheng produces this kind of product, the data that can consult very finite, the design that gives double tine roller disintegrator and make bring many difficulty. Study through relapsing, develop a success eventually disintegrator of double tine roller, debug through installation already used production in, from see the effect at present good, product quality gets rise and maintenance stable, daily output also has relatively substantially rise.

    The integral structure of crusher of double tine roller and disintegrator of double smooth roll are similar, its basically distinguish is: Roller face is shown dentate, tooth form and V-belt annulus form is alike, clench the teeth of two tine roller moves. Its are main advantage and technical index are as follows: (1) , it is 2mm 3 Mm into makings granuality; (2) , smash than be 3; (3) , give makings granuality to be 0. 85 Mm. Can achieve a diameter to be in via adjusting 0. 85 Mm 0. Between 15mm occupy 85% above, be more than 0. 85mm is occupied 5% the left and right sides, be less than 0. Of 15 occupy 8% the left and right sides; (4) , every 100mm is the crop with unit long roller 1. 5t/ H. (5) , the power that specific yield consumes is less than 2kW/ T (its power uses up the hardness with crude salt to concern) . (6) , HRC> 62 of tooth flank hardness is spent, have better wearability, corrosion resistance and fight concussion ability. (7) , disintegrator should wet pink, do not stick roller, solid fluid bulk is compared for 1 2. (8) , disintegrator runs smooth noise very small.

    The tooth form of roller is OK also make it is inclined dentate, namely a tooth flank is working surface, another tooth flank and axes line are perpendicular. Its advantage is treatment measure easily when tooth flank; Axial adjusts simplification, its defect is to age number increases one times, tooth flank included angle is small, tine root hardness is poorer. This shows, disintegrator of double tine roller is pink in washing refined salt relatively ideal smash equipment.