Feed of shallow analyse our country is mechanical the development of equipment

  • Machinery of feed of 50 time our country produces variety basically is disintegrator, and it is fragmentary production, up to now breed of feed machinery product increases ceaselessly, already mixed equipment, burden to feed by onefold disintegrator work up the equipment that the metric equipment, equipment that make bead, Peng turns equipment, microcomputer to control the segment of many different technology such as equipment; Already developed whole set of equipment by stand-alone; Already matched mixed feed equipment to expand production by production beforehand mixed feed equipment, condense resource of feed equipment, feed to develop the many set such as equipment many breed.

    As a result of instability of industry of machinery of our country feed, start later, adding our country stock raising is raise the pattern that give priority to in a small way dispersedly with farmer, farmer is used makings is main take serve the small-sized feed works with minor radius oneself, and less to large facility demand. Accordingly, production of feed treatment facilities appears accordingly piece with medium or small the structure that give priority to. Rise as what breed an amplification that breeds dimensions and feed treatment quality, people delivers the benefit that realises dimensions produces place to bring more. These were promoted right large and medium-sized the demand of feed machinery, because this feed is mechanical already to big, medium-sized development.

    From the development of industry of feed of world each country the trend looks, the company is large change ability to gain plan step benefit, industry of our country feed also answer progressively to large change transfer. But at the same time, as a result of our country special farmer raises pattern to be changed hard temporarily dispersedly, series serves hard perfect, feed quality management does not follow to go up, inferior feed hole farming the phenomenon happens from time to tome, the distrust feeling that makes farmer arises to feed quality is changed hard temporarily. As feed science and technology popularize the development with economy, small-sized treatment company will still have decisive effect in industry of countrywide feed treatment. Accordingly, future will present big, medium, small-sized mechanical equipment to pay equal attention to inside period of time, the pattern with product all ready structure. Mix as the improvement of the perfect, management of market mechanism of course fake feed product is clutched to make, at the same time the attraction as a result of dimensions benefit, produce the small-sized feed mill that sads oneself to will decrease stage by stage oneself, large and medium-sized feed equipment production will take main place.