The design that crusher of SBM environmental protection fetterses

  • The design that crusher of SBM environmental protection fetterses

    (The system of crusher instrument product of 1) my factory is huge: The diversity that stems from environmental contaminant configuration and sort, the riverside that breaking equipment administers trash of all sorts of sewage, waste gas, solid, noise, harmful vibration and radiation pollution to suit wants, equipment of environmental protection machinery already had huge product system, thousands of breed and number plant curb logical sequence model norms. Structural difference is very big between most product, special is strong, catch change hard skin definitely big, form very hard the dimensions that although produce,approves.

    (The of form a complete set between equipment of 2) environmental protection and processing technology is strong because pollute a source,differ. Condition of the composition of contaminant, breaking equipment and to the limit of one's capacity of ball mill Pai put in bigger difference, this must combine ridge real data has the spot special technology design. Use most the technique that economy combines shame and choose corresponding mechanical equipment, of the mouth that achieves top period hard otherwise, so, between technology of processing of pollution of spoon of equipment of environmental protection machinery cooperate certain and ambitious.

    (Difference of requirement of work of facility of 3) environmental protection pollutes the particular case of the source to differ at paying no attention to inside older breaking equipment, breaking equipment of mine of breaking equipment SBM is in those who pollute source ’lI to go up in environmental protection equipment the condition has bigger difference jin. Most complex formula crusher is to be in outdoor below the condition with moisture move, bring up a requirement to should not have good job to stabilize fully with reliable control system, logical sequence some mechanical equipment is being corroded high temperature, by force for a long time, wear away again, move below person load condition, this should be had with respect to requirement equipment high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive, fight wear away to wait for specifications with high strenth, like large rubbish the incinerator, large facility that divide an umbrella, large take off nitrogen to install the large whole set of equipment such as the quantity except sulfur, the system is huge, the structure is complex, an annulus is downhill factory problem, go on a long journey normally with respect to what can affect whole system, so, taller to requirement of integrated technology level.

    (Equipment of some this environmental protection has 4) hold <> concurrently the mechanical equipment orgnaization that has some of environmental protection equipment and other industry with the gender is similar, photograph of justice logical sequence holds breaking equipment concurrently today with the gender, namely environmental protection equipment can be used at other industry, the concerned machinery equipment of other industry also N is used at the environment to pollute processing, this kind of equipment makes current equipment, if the industry such as mine, oil, light industrial, chemical industry is small used thickener, hydraulic come back stream implement, turn machine of filter press of machine of bosomy centrifugal, magnetic separation, breaking equipment, vacuum filtraction, evaporate machine of canister of tower, multiform dust catcher, tower, crusher, screening and grading machine, OK the congener equipment in as mechanical as environmental protection equipment holds concurrently with.