Freeway stone pounds crusher to use Shenyang big high speed successfully with basalt

  • Be known as “ China all the way the Shenyang big high speed of ” and August 2004 be open to traffic of portion all fronts. This high speed initiated domestic freeway to build a lot of beginnings, used the road surface technology of global center stage, road surface is 6 times the gender, stability that fights craze ability and car travel is common freeway more aseismatic! The technology of SMA road surface that uses among them, namely technology of compound of clastic rock of fat of bitumen Ma hoof, the application of this technology, the expert calls Shenyang big high speed high grade road surface can be rivalled with Beijing airport runway! Of road surface of bitumen of requirement of technology of SMA road surface fight stone of sliding surface layer to use basaltic stone, finished product stone is 0~5, 5~10, 10~20mm, requirement needle piece form content small 10%~15% . Construction just pounds crusher to choose high grade basalt at that time, ask manufacturer is taking each equipment to make arenaceous machine do try machine, the function with detected equipment and the bead that produce aggregate whether to achieve a requirement. In experimenting as a result, because because crop is big,PL of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine makes arenaceous machine, performance is steady, give makings bead model exceedingly good, show cube, needle piece form content is little at 5% , achieve construction completely to ask just, plastics of SBM mine machine pounds what crusher is in tens of homes to make arenaceous equipment show itself!

    Basalt makes arenaceous clastic rock produce the spot

    The freeway that machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine offers for Shenyang big high speed makes technology of arenaceous product line with basalt, use two paragraphs of one closed circuit broken craft, first paragraphs broken use crusher of PE600×900 gnathic type, 2 class are broken use PL1300 to pound crusher, YK round vibrating separator, XS annulus is fought wash arenaceous machine to wait. Product line technological process: Basaltic stone sends gnathic type crusher equably to undertake by oscillatory feeder thick broken, thick the stock after defeating sends concussion crusher to undertake by rubber belt conveyor farther broken, finely the stock after is carried vibrating separator undertakes screening, the stock that obtains requirement of finished product granuality is sent wash arenaceous machine to clean, after cleaning, by finished product conveyer belt output is finished product namely; The stock that did not obtain requirement of finished product granuality returns concussion crusher to be machined afresh from vibrating separator, form closed circuit for many times to circulate. Finished product granuality can undertake combine and classificationing by the demand of the user. If choose dry method to manufacture technology, can deploy pink of degree of finish centrifuge and remove dust equipment.

    This clastic rock, make arenaceous product line configure environmental protection to remove dust establishment

    The mechanism that place of technology of road surface of SMA of Shenyang big high speed needs is arenaceous ask with stone pink very strict, the mechanism that the production of equipment of mechanism arenaceous product line that machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine offers gives is arenaceous with Shi Fenwei Shenyang big high-speed builds powdery his contribution. This product line still can be used at basaltic collect to expect plastic and manufacturing synchronism clastic rock seal the aggregate that layer place needs.

    Basaltic breaking equipment

    Course of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine studies 10 several years, be like in hard stock: The broken plastics technology such as pebble of basalt, granite, river is more advanced, SBM makes arenaceous equipment be in a lot of domestic places to win success application, if pebble of 120 tons of rivers is produced when Zhejiang lake city,make arenaceous product line two, clastic rock of 200 tons of granite is produced when Sichuan eyebrow hill day of product line, Fuzhou produces 2000 tons basalt to make arenaceous product line, Shanxi grows treat produce per year 1 million tons of clastic rock to make arenaceous product line, Shandong produce per year. . . . . . As a result of limited space, list one by one no longer!

    The freeway uses basalt high grade aggregate

    Of technology of road surface of little knowledge SMA explain:
    Basaltic vertical pounds crusher, say PL makes arenaceous machine again, this equipment uses stone to make stone and stone forge iron two kinds of craft are united in wedlock, broken the aggregate bead that go out exceedingly good, needle piece form content is little at 5% .
    Compound of clastic rock of fat of bitumen Ma hoof is the fat of bitumen horse's hoof that one kind is writtened guarantee by bitumen and mine pink, fiber and makings, thin volume makings comprise fill of combinative other people is in the bitumen compound that the wide market of a grading expects framework clearance place is formed. It is union expects and have by enough bitumen quite strong form in the space that fill of spent rubber cement of fat of bitumen Ma hoof expects in wide market formation stone — stone sets crowded structure. Accordingly, it is had fight stability of high temperature, low temperature, good water stability, good wear and exterior function (fight slippery, rut small, flatness tall, noise small, visibility is good) . Wear of SMA road surface is good, reason conserve job is little, service life is long, economic integration benefit and environmental benefit are good.

    The article sends far editor by the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine, if need to reprint, ask give chapter and verse for! Crusher