SBM makes the demand of arenaceous machine

  • SBM makes the demand of arenaceous machine

    The process of arenaceous aggrandizement of gush of spare parts surface is the surface that pounds a spare parts with arenaceous bead, make plasticity of generation of surface layer metal is out of shape, form exterior aggrandizement layer.
    After the spare parts passes gush sand preparation, mechanical function produced metabolic surface metal to be below the concussion of arenaceous bead newspaper of boundless and indistinct of character and morals, generation plasticity is out of shape, formed aggrandizement layer, raised exterior hardness. The deepness of its aggrandizement layer is 0.15 one 1 millimeter, the surface is bright and clean spend a paragraph for 6. The gold as a result of the spare parts the surface produces plasticity to be out of shape and form remains to reduce stress, can show raise a spare parts to bear join the faculty that changes to bend and turn round load, because appearance calamity changes,reduce the stress of a generation centers a phenomenon, increased the fatigue strength of the spare parts thereby.

    The craft parameter that affects a spare parts to bite arenaceous aggrandizement quality has: The gush on area of unit of surface of the athletic speed of the granuality composition of arenaceous bead, arenaceous bead, spare parts is arenaceous quantity, arenaceous the time with the angle that sheds pair of spare parts surfaces and arenaceous gush, choose each parameter correctly, can get idealer result.

    The content reason of arenaceous bead pledges the exterior aggrandizement quality to the spare parts has bigger effect, because this is opposite,the size of arenaceous bead, appearance, uniformity and material want to have particular demand character.
    The arenaceous bead that place of gush arenaceous aggrandizement applies basically has 3 kinds; Arenaceous bead of bead of quartz arenaceous bead, Leng Yezhu iron sand and steel. The granuality of quartz arenaceous bead is 1—2. 5 millimeter, when choosing granuality, want a basis to the hardness of arenaceous spare parts and material pledge and be decided by gush. One glue is processing steel when should choose bigger arenaceous bead, processing is cast-iron when with small arenaceous bead, the material of the spare parts heals character hard when, the granuality of the choice also should increase subsequently. Quartz is arenaceous basically use face of spare parts of Yu Qing manage. Aggrandizement processing is commonly used arenaceous bead is cold hard cast-iron those who make is globose arenaceous bead, granuality is O. 4—2. O millimeter, 62—65 of hardness RG = . Brittleness of bead of iron sand of this kind of cold hard casting is big, in gush the loss in arenaceous process is much, reason often should complement new arenaceous bead. Apply steel arenaceous bead extensively in recent years, granuality is O. 5—1. 5 millimeter, tenacity of this kind of arenaceous bead is tall, not brittle, use cycle is long.

    When the granuality that chooses arenaceous bead, calamity of the size that returns section of spare parts of Lv of take an examination, spare parts changes the deepness of exterior aggrandizement layer that partial appearance and spare parts should achieve. Heal when the section of the spare parts big and deepness of requirement aggrandizement layer heals deep when, the arenaceous bead of granuality also should heal big. To make the spare parts produces stress concentration is in the aggrandizement layer that obtains certain deepness likewise, when the granuality that chooses arenaceous bead, want to consider the share of mutation of spare parts appearance, when 0 sentence: when geometrical form is more complex (namely choppy part is more) , the granuality of arenaceous bead should choose a little bit small, the radius of arenaceous bead should be less than the dimension of part of spare parts mutation. After the granuality make choice of of arenaceous bead, still ask granuality is even, in order to assure aggrandizement quality.