Fly ash ceramists is arenaceous technological equipment of as arenaceous as ceramists product line - SBM mine machine

  • Fly ash ceramists is arenaceous technological equipment of as arenaceous as ceramists product line - SBM mine machine

    Fly ash ceramists is arenaceous be according to main raw material character, can use at producing ceramists arenaceous raw material is relatively extensive, and fly ash is only among them a kind. Product of ceramists of high strenth fly ash by fly ash, clay, combustion assists material and additive to wait to be made through appropriative equipment. This product already got pay close attention to extensively and applied, apply extensively at building materials, include wall body material, cost is low. Use industrial litter, be helpful for environmental protection.

    Fly ash is the child of power plant of a kind of coal fired, if be not added,use, waste resource not only, and pollute an environment quite. It arises in the circular combustion process of coal. The fly ash of generation about 75% to 80% flew off firebox, and the fly ash that be called.

    Have the fly ash of two main types, c kind with F class, distinction depends on raw material coal. C kind fly ash has gel material property, yield from lignite or low sulfur coal normally. C kind lime content is as high as 10% . Normally F kind be from anthracitic yield, have content of carbon of hard coal charcoal tall. F kind contain many vitreous grain. C kind fly ash often also shows larger contribution than the development of concrete strength of F class fly ash. Fly ash has a lot of use, its are used at producing high grade ceramists arenaceous it is one of approaches that resources uses effectively.

    Equipment of fly ash ceramists reachs its craft

    Burden of craft of fly ash ceramists includes fly ash (80-90%) , clay (5-10%) , adhesive (2-5%) , discharge (2-3%) and solidify agent (the others) , make a raw material.

    Include the following measure: Material mixes, ball mill adds water abrade, vacuum disappear bubble, shape, rotary kiln has oxygen roast, warm-up, in sealed agglomeration of 1150 -1250 ℃ , cooling. Product measure precision is tall, product quality is high, free from contamination, cost is low.

    Use fly ash ceramists to be able to make up 100 ~ 300 lightweight concrete, with with grade common concrete is compared, its unit weight is light, coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, impermeability is good, anti-impact properties is good. Other function is like the bonding strength with reinforcing steel bar, frost resistance, contractility, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, tension, fight fold, fight cut the relation with compressive strength to wait to all can be satisfied with grade the design of common concrete asks. The defect of concrete of fly ash ceramists is stretch model the amount is small, xu changes the value is great, the unit establishs rice cement dosage big, but because have above these good performance, winning more and more extensive research and application consequently.

    In shaly exploitation process, in carrying manufacturing process, once broken, 2 broken, screening, classification, send makings, agglomeration, finished product classifications choose, pile up, carriage measure (bagging) . Manage in shaly production, what should point out is, give coal amount, kiln speed, the matchs a relation wind force between them, make they adjust the parameter of optimal craft condition.

    Fly ash ceramists manufactures technical technology:

    Raw material (fly ash + mensurable additive) classics crusher mixed powder is broken, build bead, combustion expands, pile up, carry (bagging) . Fly ash production should use double-barreled ceramists pit, warm-up and oast part a section of a highway can control rate alone, so according to this country, in order to dominate time of warm-up of its raw material. Ceramists in recent years because land natural resources is limited, clay already was prohibited be in a few areas, produce and use. However, a few areas can use river silt, the advantage that the litter such as hill earth produces.

    Current, chinese ceramists produces equipment to all use industrial rotary kiln. Columnar body and advocate kiln level nurses for horn of 3 ° about put in boil. Arrive in high end rotary kiln, material does the result of next motion, from the material above (kiln) boil fall inferior (kiln) , and in kiln, high-pressured air coal fines (or natural natural gas and other fuel) gush enters pit, enkindle is sufficient, heat makes the physics of stock and chemical change occur, arise in outspread phenomenon, it is ceramists refrigeration already.

    Current, the raw material with manufacturing arenaceous ceramists has a variety of, raw material origin is very extensive also, and can search well from inside industrial flotsam comfortable at producing the material with arenaceous ceramists. Whatever material is produced, craft of its product line is basic be enlightened, wraparound and character, technology plan is as follows:

    Ceramists arenaceous product line manufactures technology

    Why to no matter use,plant raw material, use the raw material leveling, production technology that makes bead, roast, refrigeration commonly. According to the sort of raw material and character, its make a craft can have:

    Craft of law of 1, plasticity: Apply to qualitative raw material of clay and clay, its flow: Argillaceous → model is changed, divide evenly changes → to make finished product of cooling → of → of bead → roast to roller.

    2, slop becomes ball technology: Apply to fly ash or other farinaceous raw material, its flow: Mixture divide evenly of fly ash → changes → to become a ball dish finished product of cooling → of → of roast of the → that make bead.

    Craft of ball of wear of 3, pink: Apply to the raw material such as shaly, mud qualitative shale and gangue, its flow: Pink of → of shaly → drying grinds → beforehand wet → becomes a ball dish finished product of cooling → of → of roast of the → that make bead, outside mix into agent.

    4, broken (dry method) craft: Apply to the raw material such as shale, its flow: Shaly → is broken classification finished product of cooling → of → roast → .

    5, fuel: Can supply a case according to local fuel, use soft coal, heavy oil or day to burn gas.

    SBM group is home design of equipment of product line of large and professional building materials and production enterprise, major supplies manufacturing ceramists arenaceous equipment, offer crusher of a complete set of, dryer, rotary kiln, gas happening the special device such as furnace, its function is advanced, character is excellent, the price is reasonable, can offer whole journey to seek advice freely, free installation grooms etc, offer join key project, greeting client friend is arrived at make an on-the-spot investigation.

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