The professional equipment manufacturer of mineral separation of domestic gold mine -- Henan SBM

  • The professional equipment manufacturer of mineral separation of domestic gold mine -- Henan SBM

    In domestic gold mine choosing fastens a domain in, means of setting of the craft that grind mine is to affect floatation to reclaim the main factor of rate, at the same time floatation granuality also reduced hydrogenation process cost on certain level, reduced hydrogenation craft to handle the volume with golden mineral mine. On base of existing technology of mineral separation equipment, hydrogenation floatation rate of home can promote 5% above effectively, assured the on the rails of equipment of golden mine mineral separation and technological process effectively.

    In the development course of industry of domestic gold mine, hydrogenation craft regards a tradition as the child of craft, all the time bear is worn the important task of floatation of industry of domestic colour made of baked clay equipment. Use level to grind mine phase respectively below craft of this one dominant floatation grinds mine with 2 paragraphs floatation flow, undertook industry experiments, develop the technology of equipment of product line of new-style clastic rock that gives to be able to reduce hydrogenation floatation workload to be able to promote work efficiency effectively again already eventually.

    Limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine is the well-known company in industry of equipment of domestic mineral separation, what the company insists to there is technical advantage in the development inside the frame of own innovation is new-style product of high additional cost. In vertical in the process of research and development of compound crusher, the company relies on the firm's powerful scientific research group completely, in dryer craft respect excelsior, in effort of equipment performance side development produces high additional cost but numerical control turns a product.

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