I love CCTV of channel of science and education invention shift builds rubbish to handle crusher

  • Great river net (the reporter reports) on August 17, major of column of my love invention reported the CCTV special subject of technology of crusher of processing of mobile building La piece, whole program piece grow a hour, introduced Zhengzhou city in detail to build rubbish to handle the development case of equipment, this is CCTV broadcasts movable type of manufacturer of equipment of Zhengzhou mine machinery to build rubbish to handle craft level with distinctive perspective first!

    Movable type builds rubbish to handle broken screening station

    Building rubbish is broken station

    Building rubbish screening stands

    As we have learned, the city builds rubbish to handle the earliest technology to appear in the western country such as France, United States, Germany, Belgium, be in early 60 time had begun to undertake to building rubbish resource changes processing, utilization rate is as high as 95% above, the legal laws and regulations that and make phasing answers is mandatory to building rubbish to undertake processing! This offerred a lot of advanced experience that can draw lessons from and processing technique to us!

    The Kunming of SBM mine machine that in loving to invent, I broadcast CCTV builds rubbish to handle the spot

    A few months of last a period of time of team of this produce a film, will to Kunming, Luoyang wait for a city to build rubbish to handle spot go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, much material was obtained in place!

    Movable type of SBM mine aircraft builds rubbish equipment whole nation to use the site

    There is rubbish originally on the world, just be put wrong the position! This word is again right to describing building rubbish did not pass!

    2008, rubbish of building of movable type of domestic head stage is broken the village in standing in Kunming city tears open change spot to begin to apply, broken station introduces this building rubbish limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine, the rubbish of 10 thousand tons of thousands of buildings that to Kunming the village in hundreds city tears open change to arise undertakes broken, undertake resource changes processing second birth to use. 2008 to 2012, kunming has enterprise of many 10 environmental protection to enter this field early or late, kunming Wei bright, child the resource recycle company such as the ox costs millions to introduce machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine to build rubbish crusher early or late, build stationary, movable type to build rubbish product line of block of broken station, concrete and product line of Concrete Pavement brick, year litter of processing building rubbish can amount to 5 million tons. Course of building rubbish litter handles treatment, become second birth aggregate, basically can use at producing road surface brick, sincere brick to wait municipal with the brick.

    I love to invent explaining building rubbish to make bricky item

    The rubbish of movable type building of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine is broken station, got the affirmation of ministry of national science and technology, more got the market approbate, broken station is in rubbish of building of movable type of SBM mine aircraft, stationary early or late Kunming Wei bright, the building rubbish that Kunming childs environmental protection of bridge of Lv of second birth of environmental protection of a person of same business of building materials of Hua Wei of ox, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nantong environmental protection, Shanxi, Zhengzhou contains the business such as day of environmental protection!

    Zhengzhou builds rubbish to handle equipment to deliver goods

    Kunming childs equipment of processing of bovine building rubbish delivers goods

    Nantong builds rubbish to handle equipment to deliver goods

    Building materials of Shenzhen Hua Wei builds rubbish to handle equipment to deliver goods

    Rubbish of building of movable type of environmental protection of Hangzhou a person of same business is broken the station delivers goods the spot

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