The box in clastic rock treatment defeats the stock chunk to undertake directly broken into 20mm the following in blinding

  • Box is defeated is those who apply to all sorts of stone and other stock is medium broken crusher, be waited to produce an industry at all sorts of arenaceous stone aggregate, mineral separation, mine, chemical industry by wide application, cent is different crop and model equipment, according to different crop measurement cent is horary 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons - 300 tons output, according to the dry wet circumstance of different stock, can undertake machining production, break jaw and fine broken function undertakes assorted, broken combination becomes multistage one class is broken, adopt ceaseless perfect equipment technique, the stock of chunk enters machine interior, give the granuality of makings to achieve 20mm the following, OK and economic jaw is defeated and fine cut way of two kinds of crusher, main broken treatment facilities is being assumed in clastic rock production.
    Machine scientific production as whole clastic rock, our box type crusher manufactures a technology already very mature, and in be being applied to more and more industries, one is brought to change greatly in processing a trade for production of whole clastic rock, drive add inside the development of technology of arenaceous stone aggregate.
    In accompanying the ceaseless sieve that domestic economy and environmental protection develop quickly to rise, breaking equipment manufacturer of home experienced to introduce an advanced equipment, absorb the experience of domestic and international congener product and mature technology, contain the craft of equipment and technology, finished clastic rock of a complete set of to machine the production of equipment, will whole specifications and integral production level had been close to abroad to develop the advanced production level of equipment, have narrow difference ceaselessly.
    Box type crusher of future develops in exceeding fine treatment clastic rock still very important, in modern clastic rock product line, have automation facility applied, and in also undertaking ceaselessly rising to the requirement of clastic rock technology, produce an efficient clastic rock aggregate not only, also assured the development direction of energy-saving, environmental protection at the same time, this requirement mine produces an enterprise to undertake ceaselessly produce and improvement technology, distinctive demand side waits to undertake be deepeninged ceaselessly in granuality of clastic rock of high yield, feebleminded bad news, low pollution, finished product, enhance the core competition ability of the clastic rock equipment of domestic whole.