The problem that crusher of double tine roller appears easily and settle way

  • Crusher of double tine roller is 20 centuries broken domain develops international of the later period in 80 time the efficient and energy-saving breaking equipment that rise, its structure is advanced, broken mechanism is reasonable, in applying extensively at the head of limestone cliff to break link. But appear easily the following problem, the issue that the engineer of machine weighs to solve crusher of double tine roller to appear easily for your detailed by SBM below and settle way. The case study that the tine coronal of crusher of double tine roller breaks easily: 1. Drawing of tine coronal bolt spins can bring about tine coronal to rupture. 2. Tine coronal suffers chunk ore to fall the wallop action when makings, fatigue fracture of tine coronal back. 3. Chunk of source accepting ore deposit leads exorbitant impact, tine coronal is damaged easily also or rupture. Settle way: In the arched tine coronal of crusher two flank are added establish two board, make its become hat of box type tine, can make age coronal life is amounted to 2 years above.