The careful treatment of lime rock mine cannot leave crusher facility

  • The careful treatment of lime rock mine cannot leave crusher facility

    Henan SBM industrial Inc. is in order to produce large and medium-sized the mine machinery such as equipment of series arenaceous stone, mineral separation equipment is given priority to, market research and development, production, sale is the joint stock company of an organic whole. Since hold water, the enterprise is made with industry of advanced energy of modernization management system, innovate independently, assemble elite of large quantities of one science and technology. The company studies for a long time with domestic surgery the unit cooperates, introduced domestic and international advanced technique, craft and detect method. We are famous Henan crusher manufacturer, crusher regards our bibcock as the product, popular with its reliable quality and favourable price global market. In crusher production course of more than 10 years, we also accumulated rich crusher relevant knowledge and broken craft, it is what the client offers all sorts of concerned crusher type selecting and broken technology to seek advice at any time.

    Reserve of resource of cliff of our country lime is very substantial, breed is all ready and quality of a material is good, the exploration of cliff of together with lime is easier, can follow with follow exploitation along with exploration, can satisfy at a variety of utility. As we have learned, lime cliff cent uses lime cliff, glass to use lime rock with stone of lime cliff, building for cement, make ash use lime cliff, facing to use lime cliff, calcium carbide to use lime rock, make alkaline with lime cliff, flux uses lime cliff and chemical fertilizer to use lime cliff to wait. Lime cliff is the main raw material of production cement, pink of its and sticky earthy raw material, silicon qualitative raw material, iron cooperate, to calcine becomes cement grog.

    Lime rock mine uses a situation, need has gnathic type crusher to have chunk block first broken treatment, the course strikes back the equipment such as type crusher or conic crusher has further treatment, next the utility with disparate industry, different basis, have deep treatment again. Craft of lime cliff preparation is smash law: Be about to lime cliff uses disintegrator or crusher equipment undertakes broken or smash, will contain CaCO3 to be used in the Bai Shi of 90% above next Ramon is ground or other high pressure is ground via smashing, classification, detached, and the finished product that makes.

    Our country's bigger lime rock mine uses grading rules of broken — of the — that wash mine to handle lime cliff ore, with eliminate the earth's surface group of clay, arenaceous stone, viscous mud is opposite the pollution of arenaceous stone. The lime rock with inferior to grade lime cliff or ore property big difference, foreign some countries use floatation law or method of photoelectricity mineral separation. If use floatation law to undertake the depart of lime cliff and quartz and iron wait; Undertake lime cliff He Baiyun with floatation law or law of photoelectricity mineral separation stone and the depart of magnesite.

    No matter lime cliff is produced with what craft, cannot leave crusher equipment, industrial grinder facility, henan SBM is industrial the research and development that devotes oneself to industrial grinder, crusher since hold water and make, be in via machining the lime cliff after metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industrial, building, agriculture and other are special industrial department is essential industry raw material. As the development of iron and steel and cement industry, the importance of lime cliff is sure to increase further. For this, henan SBM is industrial can continue to increase strength of research and development, the need that catchs up with the society develops, develop the deep treatment industry of limestone further, widen applied domain, strengthen use integratedly, make product rise in value, raise economic benefits.

    Chinese lime cliff retains reserve is large, belong to advantage mineral products, can satisfy the need that in the near future Chinese production builds completely. As the development of Chinese cement, iron and steel industry, light industrial the demand of systematic counterpoise calcic pink, light calcic pink, a large number of demand of bldg. , the importance of lime cliff is sure to increase further.

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