My factory crusher fetterses the stock of ball mill is broken process

  • My factory crusher fetterses the stock of ball mill is broken process

    When ball mill rotates, grind ball and stock to mix cheek by jowl, and grind ball and chunk stock one case, breaking equipment because it is from the action of mental efforts and attrition force certain to be gone to by promotion height, after achieving a balance, with waterfall have diarrhoea condition falls, the medium that piles a layer to bottom stock and stock undertake pounding, it is to pass layer of content batch pile to have indirect impact to scaleboard. Crusher after this, breaking equipment grinds a ball to still can produce stock in ascendant process, grind ball and scaleboard the scroll between and slip, 3 person between generation roller make friends, Zhan controls function. And the loop of afore-mentioned process go round and round undertakes. The wallop that this shows scaleboard is ground ball and stock in working process lieutenant general, still have grind a ball to be mixed at the rolling friction force of scaleboard relatively sliding friction force. Grind a ball bigger to the wallop of scaleboard, breaking equipment stock is easier and broken, ramon is ground but when the stress limit that if scaleboard gets power,exceeded oneself, scaleboard can produce plasticity deformation, till rupture grader, shorten the service life of scaleboard. It is especially in the design of magnetic scaleboard, the structural intensity of scaleboard must suit with photograph of size of the wallop that grind a ball, otherwise scaleboard may be destroyed, bring about scaleboard invalidation finally.

    Accordingly, when the condition that grind mine is certain, answer to pound power volume according to grinding a ball, choose reasonable scaleboard while material is qualitative, design appropriate scaleboard structure intensity even, but this one problem is not to take breaking equipment seriously very much before. In the past in period of time, the key of research and development of scaleboard basically is centered in material to go up character, floatation machine and what study to scaleboard configuration is very finite. People designs scaleboard according to experience mostly, this shortened without doubt the waste that scaleboard service life also created material. The research that reason designs to scaleboard makes its are changed according to science, this is having important sense to improving scaleboard life. Reach the research that data phase combines to structure of ball mill scaleboard so, can affect the productivity of ball mill and economic benefits directly.