SBM machine major produces arenaceous stone aggregate broken sizing device

  • SBM machine major produces arenaceous stone aggregate broken sizing device

    Henan SBM is professional production arenaceous stone aggregate is broken screening, artificial make arenaceous and the international of industrial milling equipment enterprise. The research and development that the company devotes oneself to high quality broken sizing device all the time is made, the installation of engineering design and whole set product line serves.

    1, clear away according to stone rectify need, absorb international company to design concept function to reach international level.

    2, much wholer defeat less; Reduced the generation of stone pink, also rose fragile life, reduced unit power comsumption.

    3, outstanding stone is cleared away rectify ability, without giving thought to basalt, diabase, still be lime cliff, andesite all can achieve a needle piece shape under the level of 5% , turn over checkmate to be able to not be compared, it is industry of international, within the country the machine equipment with best form of consistent and accepted manufacturing stone bead.

    Broken sizing device and other company crusher and product line photograph compare aggregate of SBM arenaceous stone have the following advantage:

    Product quality value is excellent, form of grading justice, bead good, needle piece form content is less than 5% . Liaoning mine uses some basalt directly turn over checkmate craft, turn over checkmate to wear away not only very austere, and its product needle piece form content exceeds 10% , cause a product the sale is bad, cannot satisfy requirement of high speed road, and raise VSI series after efficient vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy pounds crusher to undertake technical reformation, product needle piece form content falls for 4.8% .

    Henan SBM broken screening combines facility, include crusher of thick broken gnathic type, crusher of finely jaw type, return checkmate, spring conic crusher, efficient vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy pounds conic crusher, hydraulic pressure type crusher (new-style make arenaceous machine) choose the equipment such as machine and rubber belt conveyor with oscillatory feeding machine, round vibrating separator, arenaceous Shi Xi. Make runway of railroad of industry of global building, mine, metallurgy and advanced course highway, high speed, hydroelectric station, airport, high level the first selection that building, municipal, bridge and mineral pink grind a domain.