The item that hammer type crusher notices when use

  • The item that hammer type crusher notices when use

    SBM installation expert says: Every kinds of product has his note, can decrease so destroy, can use for long. So what does the note that you know hammer type crusher have? Need not urgent, SBM equipment is offerred for you.

    One, hammer type crusher and dynamical unit should be installed firm. If need hammer type crusher long-term sedentary activity, should secure its go up in cement foundation; If need hammer type crusher to shed behavioral line of business, aircrew should install the baseplate that making with angle iron to go up, and assure dynamical opportunity (diesel engine or electromotor) the leather belt with hammer type crusher annulus groove is in same circumgyrate plane.

    2, the close solid case that departmental fastener should examine after hammer type crusher is installed, if have,become loose should give in order to screw. Should check leather belt degree of tightness to spend at the same time appropriate.

    3, before hammer type crusher starts, use hand roll rotor first, check looks up tine claw, hammer piece reach rotor movement is reliable, broken and indoor have without collision phenomenon, whether does the direction of rotation of rotor indicate with machine arrowhead direction is consistent, dynamical machine and hammer type crusher are lubricant good.

    4, do not change casually leather belt annulus, in case rotate speed causes broken room too high to produce explosion, or rotate speed is too low the work efficiency that affects disintegrator.

    5, its should maintain after hammer type crusher starts first idling 2-3min, makings work is sent again after doing not have unusual appearance.

    6, the locomotive case that hammer type crusher should note at any time in the job, above all, send makings should even, in case room of block broken makings; Next, not long excess load works. If discover oscillatory, cacophony, bearing and airframe temperature are exorbitant, the phenomenon such as outward gush makings, answer to stop machine examination instantly, remove trouble rear can continue to work.