Fly ash smashs the finished product that treatment has whole set changes configuration to machine fly ash need is fineness

  • Fly ash is the litter of power plant eduction, after smashing through professional crusher, OK to the domain of many industries applying, undertake through professional equipment integrated whole set is changed. This whole set of equipment uses automation level, feeder can finish the capacity that for expecting whole equipment place needs automatically, those who realize crusher is automatic give makings disintegrator, have perfect screening unit, device of loop of automatic closed circuit, what can undertake fly ash machining need is fineness, realized large automation to smash, carry wait for automation control.
    At present most fly ash of home still stays in do a brick simply to wait use a field, the manufacturing level of its equipment also stays in hammer type crusher to machine a respect. This the fly ash of whole set smashs the application that processes equipment, mean domestic large automation to smash integratedly equipment takes take advanced gain, this whole set of equipment not only the utilization rate that can be used substantially and raises whole fly ash, in still raising whole treatment to work in the round compositive change and efficient, safe, reduce many manpower labor cost, also be the crucial pace that quickens fly ash to smash.
    Fly ash smashs the advantage that machines whole set of equipment:
    1, the production that has formed to finish smashs treatment system, ceaseless thorough research and development and Mom force, machine broken system to accord with home individually the standard to fly ash.
    2, undertake be changinged subtly make and detecting to every equipment.
    3, fragile an use time is long, use newest wear-resisting material to undertake making.
    Use major smash treatment facilities, whole structure the design establishs type structure, new-style turbine type structure undertakes the fly ash that enters interior gyral type is machined broken, hit new-style mature rock stone undertakes applied into boil heat, this technology is over close accord with equipment of home's efficient and energy-saving characteristic, craft, technology, whole set technology not only managing the cost that mine company machines, still alleviated the situation that whole resource is in short supply.