SBM mine machine: Build rubbish processing

  • Build the processing   of rubbish

    Approach of building rubbish processing is in nimble, now of the city tear open change in great quantities, produce many solid litter, the harm that builds rubbish has defined to everybody. But encounter building rubbish how to should be handled, do I take everybody to discuss building rubbish together today the processing of rubbish of broken, building, a few viewpoint that builds rubbish recycle?  
    One, building rubbish what course to follow?   
    Current, in the new city construction of like a raging fire, the village in the city is transformed, tear open face tear open violate, old city is transformed wait for a project to carry out pace to be accelerated ceaselessly, while the city becomes more and more beautiful, capacity of building rubbish generation is in however grow day and day, become the another catastrophe of environmental protection to nod. The companion that builds rubbish to be just as a city to build gives birth to “ sore ” , already embezzlement land, still produce serious effect to circumjacent environment, bring encircle a city even suffer from, if have effect processing not in time, be sure future trouble is boundless. The city builds rubbish to administer hopeful broken bureau, but shoulder heavy responsibilities.  
    The city builds speed to accelerate, rubbish amount jumps ceaselessly. Each district will be started last year in June rebuild the village in transforming an area town of the job rebuilds transform project building site, plaster in one new, one person's much higher fence, be torn open to get 1000 wound by the building of 100 aperture, without a large number of buildings of carry away rubbish scatters on nearly 100 mus of clearing. And in the part piece the area transforms construction site, all sorts of large machine that tear open change are running amain, building instant falls down with a loud crash, be in those who vacate more and more buildings turn into rubbish between the instantly below dirt mist all round. The building rubbish of building site of this two place is China only each are big city thousands of the reduction that construction orders. According to relevant provision, advocate rubbish of building of the city zone can secure time in the late evening only paragraph have a change of luck. Every are planted to this moment, the car of broken bits earth of gang crosses go up in urban main street, vehicle reputation rumble, occasion is grand very. Nevertheless, the building rubbish of the generation in the city did not see little, still this gives birth to those to grow. Violate accept of regulation pass the time in a leisurely way ceaseless, contaminative situation is increasingly grim. Long-term since, the building rubbish of huge amount, while the life that gives a citizen brings an influence, also bury to urban environment played more contaminative hidden trouble. As we have learned, in recent years, deal with for lack of what unified and perfect building rubbish administers method and standard place, the city builds rubbish to adopt scrap more in great quantities, fill bury wait for simple way to handle. Embezzlement land, optional discard fill bury, see gotten dust, and even the sewage that next wet pour out of from rubbish dump, the iceberg that just builds rubbish to cause serious environment to pollute an influence one horn. As we have learned, because build the building in rubbish to wait with glue, coating, paint,belong to hard the material of high polymer polymer of degradation, contain harmful heavy metal element, they are buried to underground, can pollute groundwater, endanger the life of circumjacent dweller directly.   
    Well-known, as the ceaseless development of science and technology, building rubbish is regarded as to put a fault already local resource. Reclaim to use walking to stagger and solve a problem the China of extremely urgent, where is the one's way home that builds rubbish after all?  
    As we have learned, litter resource changes national project research center to be in after the problem that rubbish builds in be being transformed to the village in urban town undertakes development investigate, think, come nearly 5 years the generation of rubbish of each big city building presents an amount the new characteristic such as concentration of cycle of tremendous, generation, wanting a change to build rubbish at present still basically is to adopt backfill, fill bury and open air piles up the means that give priority to, be badly in need of searching new processing channel, undertake with science, economy, efficient way resource changes processing building rubbish. Giant building rubbish, source of each city as a way of changes processing to give priority to, the project abandons earth to will be given priority to with afforest of backfill, answer cultivate, to earth up, reduce stage by stage mix with backfill fill bury means to deal with the disappear accept field that the scale that constructs rubbish changes processing base to replace a tradition with new-style resource.
    2, those who build rubbish to handle the means   of recycle to change a course as the city is ceaseless accelerate, the generation that rubbish builds in the city and eduction amount also are in rapid growth. People is enjoying urban culture at the same time, also sufferring the embarrassment that urban rubbish place brings, build rubbish to have quite large proportion among them, occupy the 30%~40% of rubbish gross about, how be handled accordingly and use more and more building rubbish, had made a when various government sector and place of unit of building rubbish processing are faced with main task. A lot of litter classics sorting in building rubbish, eliminate or after smashing, can use afresh as renewable resources mostly, the kind that builds rubbish to handle recycle basically has:   
    (1) use deserted building concrete and aggregate of quality of work of production of deserted brick stone, the building materials goods such as the concrete that can be used at producing corresponding intensity order and degree, mortar or block of preparation such as, wallboard, floor tile. After aggregate of degree of finish adds solid to turn kind of material, also can use at basic level of road road surface.   
    (2) use useless tile to produce aggregate, can use at producing the building materials product such as second birth brick, block, wallboard, floor tile.  
    (3) broken bits earth can be used at building foundation of filling of road construction, picket radical, foundation to wait.  
    (4) to scrap lumber kind building rubbish, the lumber that has not destroy apparently is OK and direct reoccupy is built at rebuilding, the raw material that the woodiness component with serious damaged can regard woodiness second birth as plank or papermaking.  
    (5) compound of bitumen of deserted road surface can be used at concrete of second birth bitumen directly by proper scale.   
    Equipment of rubbish of processing of construction of SBM mine chance is home's at present most advanced building rubbish handles equipment, the building rubbish of SBM mine machine handles equipment to had been in Kunming, zhengzhou, shenzhen, the city of domestic a gleam of such as Xi'an applies successfully, immense economic benefits was obtained in place, the unity of environmental benefit and social benefit.