The test-drive note of cement rotary kiln, SBM is mechanical

  • The test-drive note of cement rotary kiln, SBM is mechanical

    One, test-drive of stand-alone of cement rotary kiln:

    ⑴ . Rotary kiln prepares before stand-alone test-drive

    Affirm every the preparation of electric equipment control of equipment is in good condition, check electric machinery whether ground connection, the spot is urgent switch is normal. Check each electric machinery to come back to. Interphone at least two, minute book and pen.

    ⑵ . Rotary kiln hydraulic pressure makes the trial run of push rod:

    Electric machinery of the oil pump that start, check and account electric current. Whether does examination oil pressure achieve a requirement, answer oil whether unobstructed

    The hydraulic pressure that start controls ejector plate, whether does vitta of each high pressure leak oily.

    Whether is oil cylinder of each push rod retreated normally, whether is ejector plate achieved expect a demand and try to adjust.

    Check electric machinery electric current and account, pressure of account oil pump. Note the temperature rise case of oil pump electric machinery.

    ⑶ . The test-drive of cement rotary kiln:

    Start advocate decelerate engine oil stands, check electric current of oil pump electric machinery and account, whether does examination pipeline have leakage oily appearance.

    Open the valve that offer oil, see decelerate opportunity oily circumstance tries to adjust on lubricant dot. Examination decelerate machine answers oil expedite.

    Electromechanical of report of account oil pump flows. Add up to auxiliary drive clutch. Start auxiliary pass electric machinery, and account electric current.

    End of kiln of examination kiln head has wrap a case without room of smoke of the end that hang kiln and kiln head. Whether does bull gear have the case that blow a cover.

    Oily spoon of examination support roller takes oil to whether can arrive above oily platoon.

    Examine with lead extrusion law each support roller gets force case, suffer force to want even. Stop complementary pass, disconnect clutch.

    The kiln that start advocate electric machinery, first low speed turns slow. Examination kiln body has without special abnormal knocking and vibration. Examination size gear is occlusive circumstance.

    Examination advocate decelerate electric machinery has general reason of as good as besides. Examination advocate decelerate machine has general reason of as good as besides. Kiln is quickened gradually.

    Check advocate decelerate machine bearing, pinion bearing and oil grow a circumstance, and account.

    After above content is normal, the hydraulic pressure that start blocks round of oily station, adjust the oil that answer chant to measure volume. After can watching period of time too, see kiln go up or leave a space, record. Check advocate electric machinery, the temperature rise circumstance of oil pump electric machinery and account.

    2, requirement of test-drive of linkage of rotary kiln of cement rotary kiln:

    1. Lime enters the conveyor of intake air heater and chain of system of hydraulic pressure push rod, after hydraulic pressure system is started, Fang Keqi moves conveyor, the conveyor after hydraulic pressure system stops stops automatically, hydraulic pressure system is in advocate electric machinery is started rear can start a country, advocate electric machinery stops, hydraulic pressure system stops.

    2. Complementary pass, lead plane, oily bifurcation, hydraulic pressure blocks round of chain.

    Advocate station of decelerate engine oil is started, complementary pass start, advocate electric machinery cannot start a country, block round of oil can start in the station.

    Advocate station of decelerate engine oil is started, complementary pass stop, advocate electric machinery starts a country, block round of oily station to start.

    Advocate station of decelerate engine oil is started, complementary pass stop, advocate electric machinery starts a country, block round of oily station to stop.

    3. Report brace up machine and lime conveyor chain.

    Lime conveyor is started, report brace up machine start.

    Lime conveyor stops, report brace up machine stop.

    Note: Above all does not take car of the foretaste below the circumstance of bear in control room, take bear trial run again next.

    3, safety precaution:

    1. Cement rotary kiln must unite direct in test-drive process.

    2. Provide quicker communication tool, for instance interphone.

    3. Test-drive spot has nothing to do personnel must withdraw the spot entirely.

    4. Test-drive personnel must adorn safe curtain has been fastened, wear long sleeve coverall and tie good knot or pull good slide fastener, take good safety glove.

    5. Wear necessary illume tool.

    6. The equipment open in test-drive process must person specially assigned for a task is responsible.

    7. Whether to make judgement in movement to equipment when, must not experiment with hand or foot.

    8. To the front should not standing when equipment supervision of high speed movement flank observes.

    9. Control cannot be used when temperature rise of experiment electric machinery can prevent to get an electric shock with the back of hand only.

    10. All drive are right dish or V-belt must have safe shield.

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