PFC compound crusher applies successfully in arenaceous product line of dry legal system

  • County of Chongqing witch brook 90 time metaphase builds some quarry, productivity is 500 tons / day, exploitation means is opencast working, raw ore stone is the layer rock of Chongqing place, compressive strength does not exceed 120Mpa. Quarry uses two paragraphs of one closed circuit broken craft. First paragraphs broken use crusher of PE600×900 gnathic type, piece expect for 15-18 centimeter, 2 paragraphs of crusher use crusher of PC800×600 hammer type, piece expect for 10mm the following, 3mm is occupied 30% . Because output of crusher of PC hammer type is little, give demand of makings bead short of, cobble needle piece form content is too big, cause cobble extruding, market not free.

    The crusher of PC hammer type that before transforming, uses, output is little, aggregate bead bad

    Because this mine manages not to be pooh-poohed, manufacture technology according to above, output is too little, cannot disinvestment, be in stop close position. 2012, place is built act according to a freeway to Wu Xi, a large number of clastic rock and sand need in place, company of some large building building materials bought this quarry, to the existing and broken production of quarry craft undertakes transforming, the client needs 0-3mm, 3mm-6mm, 6mm-9mm, 4 kinds of aggregate such as 9mm-19.5mm, crop achieves 120 tons / hour. SBM mine machine undertakes adjustment to product line according to the client's requirement, hammer of 2 paragraphs of crusher PC defeats take out, change PFC150 energy-saving and compound crusher, 110kw of this engine power, give makings granuality 6mm to be occupied below 80% , the biggest into makings can amount to 20 centimeter, because this machine is integrated hammer is broken, turn over crusher of checkmate, concussion to wait a bit, very big improvement was done in structure and data side, broken the aggregate bead that go out exceedingly good, needle piece form content control is in 5% the following, accord with local freeway to build the demand that uses arenaceous stone aggregate.

    The mine of quarry

    The energy-saving and compound crusher that after transforming, uses

    The centrifuge of pink of degree of finish of the adoption after transforming

    What production goes out is high grade arenaceous stone aggregate

    Because this stone factory is built,have certain height above sea level, source of water is less, so SBM mine machine designs arenaceous product line of dry legal system to the client, use centrifuge of pink of CXFL3000 degree of finish to 1mm or under 0.8mm Shi Fenjin reclaims all right. Pass technical reformation, occupy under 6mm of broken product granuality 80% , stone pink content also is achieved 30% , capability of integrated day processing is in this stone factory 1100 tons or so. After yield rises, economic benefits is remarkable.

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