SBM crusher offers diversification stock broken treatment

  • SBM crusher offers diversification stock broken treatment

    SBM machine is proving the outstanding performance of crusher ceaselessly with actual strength, machine a respect in stock especially, stand the test of the hardness in stock, crop while, expand crusher develops way ceaselessly, the domain is machined in calcium carbonate, SBM crusher shows good performance.

    The crusher that SBM produces not just the treatment of ore of bureau be confined to is broken, return force to be in extend crusher assuming with other industry supply systematic technology equipment for the manufacturing industry such as coal, metallurgy and ore exploitation, wait for disparate industry to supply various equipment for electric power, metallurgy, shipping, war industry, light industrial, spin, medicine at the same time.

    SBM machine produces strike back type crusher is a kind of new-style and efficient broken mine equipment, its characteristic is bulk lesser, tectonic very simple, broken than very big, specific power consumption is low, more important is productivity big, the granuality of the product is even, and have alternative broken mine effect, it is a facility that has development outlook very much.

    But be in actually of calcium carbonate broken come up if saying, stock deflection is wet, tectonic to crusher housing requirement is opener, to the platoon of crusher the requirement of makings ability respect also is compared general tall, follow in this respect strike back the construction of type crusher and design characteristic very be identical, undertaking to medium stock broken when, strike back type crusher and other crusher have distinct advantage quite, type of big housing, concussion is broken, without seam join, made sure it is below the case with stock higher humidity, still OK and smooth have the job.

    Strike back type crusher can handle its edge to grow 100 ~ the stock under 500 millimeter, its compressive strength is highest can achieve 350Mpa, have broken than tall, broken hind the advantage that stock can present a lot of sides such as cubic grain, suit to be in broken hard stock, for example of the calcium carbonate of cement plant broken, have productivity big, give the advantage with makings small-scale granuality.