The rationalize that system of complement of action of ore dressing plant changes from actor dismisses analyse and research

  • Efficiency of equipment of form a complete set and amortize ability are not worth what every series all has form a complete set badly to give makings mine storehouse, chance giving mine. Mine of mine storehouse harbour is serious, effective volume is minor, amortize ability is not worth mine storehouse badly, bring about ore to must not measure evaginate not quite, undertake mine is produced (according to statistic, annual poured mine to produce 3 mine ore 2000 680 thousand tons) ; Chain suffers ore to mine machine hydrous the effect that contains mud, give mine inhomogenous, bring about thick broken machine to often appear idling phenomenon, reduce moving efficiency greatly.

    Equipment breakdown is frequent, spare parts uses up charge, maintenance workload is big, can electric waste occupies statistic badly, spare parts was used up 2009 it is 798 thousand yuan, lube is used up for 11846Kg (142 thousand yuan) , the overhaul that is aimed at crusher is amounted to more than times 30, cost pouring mine achieves more than yuan 10 (by reduce evaginate ore every year 680 thousand tons, charge pouring mine presses 1.5 yuan / ton computation) , in addition still wasted a large number of electric energy, go against energy-saving job begin.

    Thick broken system giving mine transforms program thick broken system giving mine already was become restrict an ore dressing plant to continue the main bottleneck of expanded reproduction. To progress expedite production way, fall into disuse backward produce can, had done energy-saving fall bad news works, mining industry company established panel, pair of thick broken systems giving mine of specific aim are optimized transformed transformed feasibility to undertake research discussion, on the foundation that in machine giving mine, efficient to board type crusher applied circumstance investigates in the round, formed two feasibility plan, undertook inspecting argumentation in the round to plan.

    Transform stage PEJgOO1200 crusher plan newer for efficient crusher, undertake to mine storehouse enlarge look is transformed, use heavy template type to replace original chain to give mine chance to mine machine. Transform program thick broken system giving mine optimizes 2 ore dressing plants transformed feasibility analysis and discuss pair of mine storehouses to undertake enlarge look is transformed, use heavy template type to replace original chain to give mine chance to mine machine.

    Basically transform a project to reach anticipate the effect will have a type crusher to change to contrast through making an on-the-spot investigation for new-style and efficient crusher, plan to use beautiful eminent Cllo or love Si Taike 3042 replace PEJ900120 type crusher. From inspect a circumstance to look, iron ore of Lu Na iron ore, company of China couplet mining industry, big smelt metal used C series crusher in succession in last few years, and sufficient to using the effect to undertake affirmation. Press raw ore of 209 years of ore dressing plants broken crop 2.2 million tons, equipment type selecting is Cllo crusher, crusher productivity is 370480 and (artful Omm of mouth of mine of the platoon that tighten an edge, product measure is O225mm) ; Love Si Taike 3042: Crusher productivity is 39otjh (17smm of dimension of the mouth that discharge mine) , use effect also pretty good.

    After transforming: New-style crusher serves as main facility, can make sure annual ore is broken basically the task (reservation PEJgo, 120 crusher serve as reserve) , productivity of thick broken system rises considerably, resolve the current situation with broken processing insufficient capability effectively, can satisfy an ore dressing plant to produce per year the raw ore that 1.2 million tons of place need iron essence pink broken ability; Broken efficiency can improve after transforming, spare parts and lube are used up should decrease considerably, can reduce upkeep costs every year more than yuan 70; Reduce exhaustion of thick broken machine to make appearance of course of study, lengthen overhaul cycle, reduce overhaul workload and overhaul cost, reduce intensity of overhaul industry labor, increase equipment to defend time, the maintenance that is helpful for thick broken machine and maintain.

    Enlarge look transforms mine storehouse to produce standard of actual, design and spot space according to the spot, the capacity after affirmatory enlarge is allowed is 675 tons, mine storehouse is effective cubage 270 be able to bear or endure. After transforming, can add the effective dimension of mine storehouse greatly, resolve ore evaginate and the contradiction of production pouring mine effectively, realizing successive and broken foundation to go up, but managing ore evaginate and charge pouring mine more than yuan 100.

    Use heavy template type to give mine chance (OK board) board type gives mine machine adaptability strong, give makings amount even and reliable. According to data introduction, have OK board circular arc to build received new template form to give mine chance, have do not leak the distinct advantage such as makings, need not set collect makings funnel additionally, installation, operation, maintenance is convenient. After giving mine machine norms to transform for PBI80010000mmo certainly according to mine storehouse and ore granuality: The effect giving mine of machine giving mine gets ameliorative, can come true to give equably continuously makings, phenomenon of idling of thick broken machine is able to solve, improve equipment efficiency, reduce specific power consumption, and the service life that can prolong thick broken machine; The system raises a respect to get rise and be amelioratived apparently in energy-saving, efficiency, with year broken computation of 2.2 million tons of raw ore, year of managing electric energy can rise after transforming 30 thousand Kw is ungual, can save charge of electricity more than yuan 17.

    Recommend plan to consider integratedly to produce the each respect ingredient such as efficiency, overhaul and equipment care and maintenance, although plan invests currently opposite bigger, but can improve broken production efficiency more, reduce equipment to safeguard charge and overhaul workload, avoid the effect that during transforming, opposite produces effectively, accordingly, plan is optimal program, it is completely feasible.