Shallow talk about the configuration of litter crusher

  • Litter crusher expects the storehouse is half cylindroid chamfer. The hammer that join with a hinge secures is contained above rotor, there are two symmetrical working faces on every hammer. What connecting closely is the with left sidewall in front by makings storehouse, the installation on sidewall has fixed cutting tool. Stock (litter) because secure cutting tool and hammer while action and broken the granuality to the requirement.

    The appearance that the formal make it of cutting tool is as follows: The hammer of a kind of cutting tool and rotor from above collision makes litter broken, another kind of cutting tool undertakes from the hammer collision below broken. When broken and hard litter, rotor is anticlockwise rotate, at this moment, the first kind of cutting tool works, when broken clout, paper and similar stock, rotor inverts, the 2nd kind of cutting tool begins the work. The rotor that can invert increased the technical properties of crusher.

    Litter classics rotary kiln burns, harm gas is not had in general flue gas. But to prevent the remains in flue gas ill other people, should use new-style air to pollute control technology: Export flue gas, above all classics is electrostatic collect dust implement after the dust in eliminate flue gas, reclaim via heat exchange implement recuperative heat water or heat combustion air, syringe of reentrance Composite condensation. Flue gas is before its paragraph in condenser of type of canal of miniature article family name by Leng Zhiji temperature is the following at 0 o'clock, generation condensation (make an appointment with 30-40e) , condenser water absorbs all sorts of acidity contaminant at the same time (a large number of HCI, partial SOX, NOX, CO2) reach steam of purify heavy metal (like Cd, Hg) , after paragraph in washer, flue gas is direct with show the contact of layer of solubility dissolvent pulverization with minute graininess juice, acidity contaminant, organic matter and heavy metal are departed further. In washer upside the setting has layer of a paragraph of filling, with lye loop and PH control undertake deepness to decoke, flue gas is final classics head is efficient demist implement take off after dividing droplet, introduce chimney eduction by fan.

    Report collects dust implement collect the cigarette ash that come down to load ash bucket, in loading sealed bag automatically next, because its contain heavy metal, should prevent to its fly upwards and undertake harmless change processing. After waste liquid of acidity of eduction of Composite condensation washer and milk of lime counteract processing, emit into around sewage treatment plant to be handled along with all the others, or discharge again after element of purify heavy metal.