Stone crusher is shown in meerschaum coating treatment numerous

  • Stone crusher is shown in meerschaum coating treatment numerous

    The meerschaum of our country 90% above distributing in Hunan churchyard, and the meerschaum resource of Hunan 80% above distributing in Xiangtan, bridge of Xiangtan poplar home owns the throughout the country's biggest meerschaum mine to stone pool area, mine zone is continuous 16 kilometers, already ascertain reserves 20 million tons, distant view reserves is in 30 million tons of above.

    As we have learned, the development of the meerschaum painting that has adsorptive capacity is successful, solved the contaminative problem that interior decoration creates effectively, this kind of new-style coating basically used the data that meerschaum has outstanding and adsorptive function this kind, main characteristic: One is itself free from contamination, 2 it is OK the pollutant such as the formaldehyde among adsorptive air, 3 it is to be able to adjust air humidity, 4 it is to have sound-absorbing, fall effect of a confusion of voices.

    Meerschaum has slippery feeling and acerbity feeling, stick a tongue. The below dry state is fragile. Shrinkage low, plasticity is good, bigger than the surface, adsorptive the gender is strong, dissolve at hydrochloric acid, qualitative light. Meerschaum still has decolour, adiabatic, insulation, fight corrode, fight the function such as radiation and hot stability. Meerschaum utility is amounted to 130 a variety of, make one of mineral raw material with current world the most extensive use, can use at element of brew, chemical industry sieve, use at chemical industry, refine sugar, silicate tall magnesium is fireproof of material special high temperature resistant of the high grade raw material of coating etc.

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    Equipment of SBM series stone crusher in ore broken crocus course of study is sending out a oneself brilliance, pass effort of 5 years, the crusher of PE series gnathic type that SBM machine produces, PF series strikes back type stone crusher, crusher of type of PC series hammer, the clastic rock equipment such as conic stone crusher sells PYB set each district of past whole nation, the company is old and dedicated at mine mechanical research and development is produced, understanding client place needs, get used to market development, adjust product strategy ceaselessly, answer changeful market environment, rolled out a batch successfully to approve high grade ore crusher, SBM machine regards the motivation of development as the client's demand from beginning to end, ceaseless reform innovates, optimize management, enhance power of technical research and development, create useful value ceaselessly for social demand.