The earth's surface causes mullock to be opposite environmental destruction

  • Mullock does not give tunnel issue put forward the exploitation below mine well, 2 respects need a mullock to mention the earth's surface to cause the mullock destruction to the environment, the empty area that on the other hand the oneself below the well extracts needs to fill filling in great quantities again, the research that does not give pit because of this mullock and carry out go up in domestic and international academia and project in last few years oneself sadly arisen, in the red mine that appear hill oneself it is old wish. The middle is transformed with respect to what had had this side, but because the condition is mixed at that time,know the inadequacy that go up, after engineering construction is over, discard, bring about this project to die young, after the event differs in other middle period also undertook for many times consider and discussion, but because all sorts of reasons are done not have,form this action. 95 years the red mine that appear hill is in fill filling inadequacy and environmental protection requirement more and more tend pressing condition falls, do not give the understanding of hole more greatly to mullock, do not give hole system to be adjusted at beginning proceed design and spot 95 years to mullock. Mullock does not give the content investigation of project of hole system main body to make clear, the red mine that appear hill discharges mullock quantity every year to be the 10 thousand empty areas that select mine generation every year outside driving 10 thousand and every stere fills filling ab extraly to be on average yuan. Build mullock not to give hole system through computation, economic benefits and social benefit are very big. Be compared through plan and prove, mullock does not give hole system to provide for oneself by the circulatory system below well of entire pit mullock and middle mullock systematic composition. Transform in what each conditional middle has mullock system under 5 systems, the mullock that produces this middle namely crosses conditional bottom middle sky the area undertakes digestive handling, but do not match as a result of what local production joins, the empty area that bottom middle searchs mullock conditionally is finite on time, because this has partial mullock and bottom to develop the mullock of the middle to need to enter even,give Cha system, build the circulatory system below mullock well with respect to need so, my mine joins in 5 systems and a Cha of 4 systems above all the middle undertook transforming, the purpose is each middle cannot digestive mullock is carried to this middle, carry again to inside the regards mullock as keep in storage have enough to meet need that turns over bottom middle is empty area, by sky of have enough to meet need the area is carried again to other sky in the area, formed mullock not to give hole system thereby. Include driving mullock to fight a mullock to cross discharge big mountain greatly among them an electric locomotive stage of an old mine car. Spot of classics of its operation ability is real demarcate, by hour computation its carry ability every to press pithead Cha of every 10 thousand enlarge, it is the left and right sides everyday, it is to attack times what carry Cha greatly, can accomplish completely everyday Cha can carry everyday. But as a result of production do not match, of still unwarrantable all mullock do not give pit, actual and annual the useless plant when having 10 thousand only need not go pit. Mullock is broken fill up of the system after putting forward not to give hole system operation with main content mullock, have every year even on one hand namely the mullock of 10 thousand enlarge, you Zisheng is produced join very hard should carry upper, cause upper pollution, on the other hand, empty area fills filling to lack old gangue dam to collect arenaceous difficulty very again below the well, the river is arenaceous buy difficulty the mullock of 10 thousand enlarge whether recycle the mullock of 10 thousand enlarge can be denied replace a river arenaceous, saved a river namely arenaceous, can rise again fill up the intensity of the ground, reduce the dilution that the area has when filling up stope gives mine to work and causes thereby, but this must mullock broken into certain grain, enter directly fill up the system replaces a river arenaceous.