SBM cobble makes arenaceous machine consistent

  • SBM cobble makes arenaceous machine consistent

  • Make what arenaceous confidential begs rise increasingly to cobble as the client, promotion exterior quality makes limited company pay attention to important facet of improvement into SBM machinery. Leave better the first impression to make arenaceous machine client to cobble, below the organization of my company general manager, by assemble workshop office Director Chen takes the lead, call together numerous besmear to installed technology division to establish “ to besmear outfit process quality promotes project group ” . Last a period of time after the effort April, of my company overall besmear outfit quality had gotten clear improvement. After project group holds water, make arenaceous machine examine in the light of current cobble the besmear with more feedback installs survey of spot of quality problem development, determined ameliorative direction, the decision parts from reduce blemish of A/B face exterior number and promotion are overall exterior of paint film of lacquer of besmear outfit face two respects proceed with. Act on what get to the bottom of sth traces to the source to solve problem principle, on the foundation that perfected technology program, project group still is optimized from working procedure respectively, employee grooms and craft discipline checks 3 respects to come the executive be born of aggrandizement technology program. Division of technology of SBM besmear outfit people much arrange develops simultaneously under, at present cobble made the exterior quality of arenaceous machine had gotten clear improvement, next project group still will assemble concentrate one's efforts of Qihua respect firm in whole set equipment, continue to promote the exterior quality.