The working principle of coal crusher and utility

  • Wet coal crusher applies to all treatment such as plant of factory of the colliery, factory that pick coal, igneous power plant, cooking and chemical plant, fertilizer to use the unit of coal, it is to have a product quality management, originally material examines the indispensable new-style breaking equipment in the process. Also be land mine, scientific research and metallurgy, building materials, coal the new-style breaking equipment that the industrial lab such as export chemical industry makes appearance. Wet coal crusher is broken measure big, particle size after cracking even, suit relatively the stock of high-moisture and viscosity is broken treatment. Wet coal crusher uses concussion formula broken principle, electric machinery drives the peen of rotor assembly to be on the move quickly, huge makes from mental efforts peen is stretched outwards, form link of a concussion, when stock enters concussion ring namely by broken, broken the stock after receives kind through sifting a clearance to enter implement. At the same time oscillatory orgnaization drives oscillatory breaker plate to make on, next high frequency vibration, the sample that makes moisture big won't felt is in sieve on. Wet coal crusher by reach the device that receive kind to wait into makings device, broken unit, oscillatory device comprise and compose helps sb to fulfill his wishes sealed system.