SBM crusher smashs in gangue medium 7 large dominant positions

  • SBM crusher smashs in gangue medium 7 large dominant positions

    Gangue is us the solid trash that discharges in coal mining process and coal washing process, it is one kind is in in coal process as concomitant as coal-bed the black gray rock with a kind of inferior, harder than coal quantity that contain carbon. The amount that contain carbon is smaller, cannot use as fuel so. Some closer year come, gangue not only be regarded as the solid litter with a kind of huge amount, it is the resource that can use as a kind more, extensive research and application received in building materials, metallurgy, light industry and chemical domain. Gangue resource turns the focal point that had made gangue use research integratedly. Make brickyard use with gangue, cindery, slag buy feed in raw material, inside fuel; Using waste rock, shale to produce mark brick, air brick already was the major move that accords with society of national policy, benefit. SBM offers the recycle that strikes back type crusher and gangue crusher undertake gangue.

    Gangue through striking back type crusher undertakes broken, make gangue bead, again mix into enters other stock, apply distinctive manufacturing application technology to make bitumen compound and cement concrete. Gangue resource is changed since using technical project to carry out, annual but disappear accept gangue is close 1 million tons, compound of manufacturing gangue bitumen 1.2 million tons of above, resource of managing and natural Sha Shi 600 thousand tons.

    However, contain the crusher of breaker plate of comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb traditionally, prep above of incommensurate moisture content the raw material of 8% , when prep above of raw material moisture content 10% when, happen extremely easily to jam badly, make peen cannot turn, stock cannot eduction, burned-out even electric machinery, affect production badly. This machine design does not have bottom of screen mesh comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb, do not have strict requirement to stock moisture content, completely nonexistent paste blocks the problem of breaker plate up, more nonexistent fine pink cannot seasonable eduction, repeat the question that smash, reason smashs efficiency is tall, nonexistent peen is invalid wear away phenomenon. Solved expensive wet stock thoroughly smash problem.

    Innovation of SBM gangue crusher upgrades, promoted a product competition ability, gangue crusher yield of production is high, noise is little, broken efficiency is first-rate, solved vintage crusher peen and scaleboard to had worn away sharp issue. Basically apply to the cindery, slag of tile factory, shaly, gangue, the stock such as building rubbish smashs, solved with waste rock, cindery make brickyard buy feed in raw material, inside fuel; The difficult problem that with brick of mark of waste rock, shaly production, air brick expensive wet stock smashs. With the gangue after gangue crusher is broken, can use at making to avoid burn air brick: Bake bricks need not fuel, save the sources of energy; Make a brick need not (use less) land, managing land natural resources; Become useless to be treasure, reduce environmental pollution; The investment that build a plant is little, enterprise benefit is tall, it is the new product that branch of environmental protection of national goods and materials is advocated energetically and extends.

    The gangue crusher that my company produces has 7 large broken dominant positions:

    1, gangue crusher uses material of much passageway platoon, raise the yield when the stage, the circulation that reduces dust at the same time sedimentations, dustproof effect is admirable, need not stop dirt unit;

    2, peen of super and compound wear-resisting, service life is a few times above of traditional breaking equipment;

    3, equipment is not blocked up, not of card, concede is good, safety factor is high, wet does not affect production;

    4, give makings granuality to be able to adjust arbitrarily, do not suffer fragile a tatty influence;

    5, annulus, main shaft is used for a long time won't wear away, need not change;

    6, crop is big, specific power consumption is low, power consumption is saved below coequal crop 40% above;

    7, maintenance is convenient, open overhaul door to be able to change peen, need not overall tear open outfit, very convenient;