SBM- - the rock breaking equipment with common introduction

  • SBM crusher- - the rock breaking equipment with common introduction

    There is ore of a lot of rocks in nature, wait like pebble of cliff of limestone, lime, granite, basalt, river, cobble. These rock can use as after the course is broken the building uses arenaceous stone, apply extensively in the project project such as railroad, highway, water and electricity, bridge. What breaking equipment should these rock use? Below, crusher manufacturer introduces a few kinds of common rock breaking equipment. 1, cliff of lime of breaking equipment also calls lime cliff limestone or bluestone, it is the stock with mine equipment broken and most industry, its bases is calcite. Its color basically has grey, ashen, ash black, yellow, shallow brown is red, red wait for color, its hardness is not normally big, lime cliff is one of more rock distributing in the lithosphere, in the building the respect is having main use. The breaking equipment that cliff of general broken broken lime needs is oscillatory feeder + gnathic type crusher + strike back type crusher + vibrating separator. Strike back type crusher is the ideal equipment of broken lime cliff, main effect is being produced in lime cliff product line. 2, granite and granite of of basaltic breaking equipment basically are the comprises with feldspar and quartz rock that lava oar condensation forms. Basalt is the good raw material that produces casting stone, its color basically is black, by 2 oxidation silicon, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, ferric oxide is comprised. Granite and basalt suit to do building floor to perhaps carve artistic and so on. Its can make be defeated first with gnathic type crusher, 2 broken use conic crusher to undertake broken. Strike back according to asking to also can increase broken fine perhaps jaw is defeated as 3 broken. 3, the stone that river pebble and pebble of river of of cobble breaking equipment are namely by the side of the river, pass river water erode for many times, form to the circle like egg, elliptic stone. Cobble is form if the stone of the size like goose egg, have artificial burnish also river side is collected. These two kinds of stone are used at mechanism arenaceous domain commonly, it is the main raw material of artificial sand. Suit to use gnathic type crusher + conic type crusher + make arenaceous engine a future life produce artificial sand.