My factory the development of breaking equipment

  • My factory the development of breaking equipment

    The cycle crusher that at present our country ore dressing plant uses extensively, gnathic type crusher, conic crusher already all had more than 20 years of histories, and already set production, to get used to requirement of large ore dressing plant, escalate series, develop to large crusher.

    Begin from 1974, shenyang is heavy-duty machine plant, wove afresh series of new crusher of hydraulic pressure cycle chart. Breaking equipment divides original specification outside, raised price again 1400, valence 1600 and result 1850 millimeter 3 kinds of big norms (watch 1) . The domestic old design, experience lesson that make and uses was summed up on the structure, absorbed foreign advanced technique, use bearing of bottom hydraulic pressure as series base model structure.

    Crusher of cycle of this series hydraulic pressure, predict to will finish its development, experiment and appraisal to finalize the design before 1985 the job.

    Norms of breed of gnathic type crusher is more all ready, breaking equipment satisfies need basically, the biggest norms is 1500 2100 millimeter brief crusher of the type that place jaw, still will develop 2100x3000 millimeter large hydraulic pressure brief crusher of the type that place jaw. But as crude broken device, compare with crusher of hydraulic pressure cycle, in equipment tonnage same situation falls, productivity of gnathic type crusher is less than cycle crusher productivity. Breaking equipment because this, should preferential development is large crusher of hydraulic pressure cycle.

    Conic crusher is medium, finely breaking equipment, because grind the occurrence of machine oneself, did not continue to develop on norms consequently, but conspicuous is, already by former bedspring conic crusher to hydraulic pressure conic crusher develops breaking equipment, at present the biggest norms is hydraulic pressure of PY B2200 one-cylinder conic crusher.