Strike back of type crusher fragile

  • Strike back of type crusher fragile

    Strike back type crusher is one kind uses concussion to be able to come the broken machine of broken stock. It is the commonner breaking equipment in mineral separation, can broken all sorts of thick, medium, fine stock that do not exceed 500mm, compressive strength not to exceed 350MPa into makings granuality, apply extensively at all sorts of ore the industry such as broken, railroad, freeway, the sources of energy, cement, chemical industry, building. Its discharge makings granuality size to be able to adjust, broken norms diversification. Strike back of type crusher fragile have a lot of, among them main is: Strike back scaleboard, bar, scaleboard, impaction piece. What because strike back,cut facility is fragile more, the person that equipment is used is in use process, should check crusher to whether have at any time unusual.

    The attention answers when be being checked, in should striking back broken machine is in type to work normally, when oscillatory quantity increases suddenly, should jockey instantly find out a reason to eliminate; The highest temperature of bearing should not exceed 70 degrees; Bar wears away to tune answers to use when achieving the limit to indicate or change in time, assemble or change after bar, must maintain rotor balance; After frame scaleboard wears away, answer to change in time, lest wear away housing.

    When we are using the production that strikes back type crusher will be us to serve, if discover those who turn over checkmate is fragile,the spare parts wears away certain level, or the machine malfunctions when need is eliminated, must adjust in time change, undertake the overhaul to equipment, change fragile when should notice: Changing fragile when, after wanting to open above all, go up frame, first will hind go up frame with in the connection of casing bolt debus, twisting spanner the 6 horn head of renovate device to divide, open next on frame. Here at the same time, the cable suspension that can use frame upper part as string of 1 in the future is worn, repeat afore-mentioned processes.

    In use process, to increase fragile service life, besides strengthen to striking back type crusher is fragile design and research, we often notice even and do the lubricant work of good attrition face in time. The lube of bearing, every 3 months replacing, need washs bearing attrition face with clean benzine, add again pour lubricating oil.

    Henan SBM strikes back in production broken, hammer captures broken, another name for Hubei province wait for mine breaking equipment while, the use person that also is breaking equipment provides the support on the technology, the detail can seek advice from our hotline 86-21-58386189.