Setting of conic crusher system and apply

  • (L) in the amortize mine storehouse that the setting before finely and conic crusher has certain capacity, make sure equipment gives the stability of makings;

    (2) give makings device the biggest the biggest productivity that is more than crusher to makings ability;

    (3) to setting mine warehouse, but actual productivity is less than the system design ability and the case that equipment treating capacity cannot have adjustment, finely makings storehouse installs on any account to expect in the proposal plan: Low stuff when, equipment stops to expect, crusher idling or stop machine; Expect high when, equipment begins to expect, ensure to makings quantity contented crusher swarms the requirement of makings equably.

    Swarm the influence encourage that expects to answering awl crusher discharges makings and equipment to move / result of W of MP rate travel carries / K graph is conic crusher gives in expecting equipment is decorated, finely makings storehouse discharges mine mouth to install oscillatory feeder, makings amount gives in effective control at the same time, but utmost ground reduces leather belt to wear away, cut apart the happening that waits for a circumstance, especially in broken crusher gives makings; If install oscillatory feeder, criterion of crusher control by oscillatory feeder frequency conversion to makings quantity, constant speed of leather belt engine moves. To giving chance of makings leather belt, shanteweike is recommended use frequency control, belt speed of its labour frequency 0. 5 one 0. 8 be able to bear or endure, can reduce the analyse when the stock on the belt falls to leave as far as possible, reduce the impact that gives makings canister to crusher, achieve swarm equably makings, enhance lamination to break broken result, raise the goal of broken mine efficiency.

    In the meantime, stock mixes even, crusher scaleboard slants the possibility that grind is reduced, scaleboard service life is lengthened, break mine cost is reduced. Accordingly, below the premise that assures to be measured to mine, appropriate leather belt width should choose when the design, ensure slow fast; When leather belt width is lesser, can go up endlong in leather belt installation guides makings chamfer, increase the ply of the stock on the belt. Of conic crusher giving chance of makings leather belt had better be portable, it is to facilitate adjust material point, make stock resides decline person crusher to give makings canister inside; 2 it is to facilitate enough space is provided when equipment overhaul.

    The effect that gives makings way conic crusher uses Shanteweike distinctive C20 is constant antrum scaleboard design, ore breaks with layer crush inside broken antrum give priority to, squash because of existing between grain and grain, grind pare, break off cut wait for interaction and have taller broken efficiency, and scaleboard loss is small.