Special group ore dressing plant is broken general plan changes carry out travel

  • Broken craft is transformed put in the problem in the light of former broken technology, the ore dressing plant considers to prove through relapsing, act on actor to change technology, energy-saving fall the principle of bad news, combinative production is actual, put forward the following ability to change plan: (1) raw ore case sifts dimension by [email protected] instead [email protected] (2) 2 will original thick broken instead 1 thick broken, replace crusher of original a C63 and crusher of a [email protected] with crusher of a 170C80. (3) in break with a GP100S crusher replaces crusher of original a [email protected] (4) finely replace original 2 GP100 crusher with crusher of a HP300. (5) vibrating separator sieve aperture by original 12mm instead 11mm.

    Press above plan, if what the broken technological process after transforming shows.

    After after transforming, broken flow is transformed, broken technological process simplifies for 3 paragraphs of one closed circuit, reduced two main facility, produce cost to reduce thereby, managing specific power consumption laid good foundation.

    The effect after transforming is broken product granuality improves those who adopt pair of broken technology to optimize, not only broken product granuality by original - 12mm falls for - 11mm, and class of broken product bead distributings more hasten is reasonable. Express 2 it is to transform around the result sifting analyse of broken product. By the watch 2 can see, after transforming, in broken product - the content of class of bead of 2 16 eye reduced 6.31 percent, and at the same time - 16 200 looks and - the content of class of 200 eye granule rose respectively 4.63 with 1.72 percent. The addition of content of form of the granule in broken product reduced the burden of the working procedure that grind mine, the treating capacity that is helpful for improving an ore dressing plant and floatation reclaim the index of each economy technology such as rate.

    Watch 2 transform around class of bead of result of analyse of broken product sieve / eye yield / the % economic benefits after before transforming, be being transformed are passed significantly transform, broken system drives time by original everyday 20h reduces 16h, heightened stage effect, reduced cost, and replace 5 original crusher with 3 crusher, reduced spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve use up and maintain workload, came true truly thereby / optimize flow, energy-saving fall bad news the target of 0. After transforming, the spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve of broken system and upkeep costs are annual and managing 60 thousand yuan; Power consumption is 2.26kWh/ , t drops compared to the same period 0.15kWh/ , t year increase economic benefits 65 thousand yuan.

    As a result of broken craft optimize, the processing capability of the ore dressing plant achieved 1800t/d, day increases treating capacity 350, t year increase treating capacity 115500t (press year of production 330d plan) . By choose smelt metal to reclaim rate for 91% , raw ore grade is 2.3g/t computation, year increase a metal to measure 241742g.

    If golden price is 160 yuan / G, criterion year increase production value many yuan 3800. Subtractive addition manufacturing cost 27 million yuan (ton mine cost presses 240 yuan / T plan) and broken transform investment 7 million yuan, can increase economic benefits 3800-2700-700=400 the 1st year 10 thousand yuan, can increase economic benefits 3800-2700=1100 every year later 10 thousand yuan.

    Epilogue Xin collects what company ore dressing plant adopts broken system to optimize transform, shortened broken working hours, managing machine parts or tools kept in reserve spares parts use up and specific power consumption, reduced manufacturing cost, increased the processing capacity of the ore dressing plant, created enormous economic benefits for the enterprise. Reduced the generation of broken dust at the same time, protected environment and person security.