Environmental protection of SBM mine equipment is changed

  • Environmental protection of SBM mine equipment is changed

    Press equipment of environmental protection machinery form can divide for monomer equipment, whole set of equipment and product line.

    (] ) equipment of machinery of monomer equipment environmental protection is mostly by what if 10 monomer are mechanical,equipment comprises, mire substance facilities can be divided by its job property for enginery equipment and container kind equipment; By its applicable Fan Zeke is divided for current equipment (finalize the design equipment) with special device () of the equipment that be not mark. Sheet rests equipment shows independence sets show off measure has one to plant or the main body equipment of a variety of functions, if all sorts of dividing today implement, machine of machinery of word water treatment, conveyer, crusher, screening, sound absorption implement wait. Monomer equipment can be mechanical equipment, OK also sufficient concrete or other data build build thing.
    (2) whole set of equipment of whole set of equipment is to point out the song rests equipment and all sorts of accessory equipment (wait like fan, electromotor) compositive whole.
    (3) ox produces line miscarriage: Line toe gives or much stage sheet rests mechanical equipment and the whole that all sorts of accessory equipment, cop place forms, if give body litter,processing deals with give birth to place of a line, sewage to fasten product line to wait.

    (Toe of facilities of system of land of environmental protection of equipment of main body of 1) environmental protection the main machine that all sorts of at administering control to the environment is polluted and improve an environment to dawn character using is wide still. Like multiform dust catcher, absorb tower, adsorptive tower, depart to sedimentation equipment, multiform demist implement, depart of surplus of all sorts of centrifugal segregator, gas installs quantity, magnetism separate unit, all sorts of filtering and suck filter device, sieve canister of filter device, reactor, tower, all sorts of sedimentationing him.
    (All sorts of if be used at gas,carries equipment * equipment that 2) environmental protection assists equipment environmental protection to assist equipment to include to be used at cooperating equipment of environmental protection main body to run normally have blower, air-blower, happy shrink machine, use at carrying pump of liquid equipment travel, use at carrying solid the equipment of stock of 100 million seven has sail of the leather belt conveyer, helix conveyer, promotion that fight form to wait! The gun that environmental protection assists equipment to still include to make sure the environment pollutes processing system to move normally continent monitoring instrument appearance, all sorts of analysis instruments such as analyzer of appearance of analyse of the credit that be like light, lubricious Nuo, electrochemistry analyzer and use at the monitoring pressure, temperature, instrument that sheds the parameter such as surname, chroma appearance farming, fittings of the pipeline that still includes join to use, pipe (wait for) partly like all sorts of valve, bend, law.