Frame of gnathic type crusher optimizes the processing that designs a process

  • Frame of gnathic type crusher optimizes the processing that designs a process

    Design of structure of crusher of domestic gnathic mood is unreasonable. The experience conclusion that is basis tradition mostly scientific calculation method does not undertake, it is to carry analogy, determine the appearance of each components and size by experience. Use this kind of traditional design method, have certain blindness, very bad design goes out already the crusher that economy satisfies intensity and stiffness requirement again. But because gnathic type is broken machine bulk and quality are very great, want to undertake to every component mechanical analysis is impossible, choose quality of gnathic type crusher so bigger frame, move gnathic, flywheel and leather belt rotate to be research target.
    In optimizing design process to crusher frame, the article has specific aim did following processing:
    (1) in build when feeling, should undertake to its reasonable the in part that simplify and builds frame entity only when building a model.
    (2) as a result of crusher frame bearing get the action of cosine force, building so finite yuan when the model, bearing inside below the surface half part is in Zhou Xiangping is equational it is 180, so that be in bearing force of to load cosine.
    (3) because gnathic type crusher is the biggest broken force happens in broken antrum to decide part of 0.35-0.65 of height of gnathic toothed segment more, for the operating condition of the wall before imitate crusher frame, build a fixed toothed segment simplify model, establish a range in place of 0.35-0.65 of height of toothed segment of the surface inside its, prepare for power of to load range.
    (4) according to part of the pedestal after crusher accept strength condition actually, of the bracket after building simplify model, build what a bracket sustains a scale to simplify according to the position propping up of bracket face, prepare for force of sidewall of frame of crusher of reasonable to load.
    (5) when set optimizes parameter frame wall thick serve as with reinforcement optimize place basically, optimize parameter in detail in this set namely. After consideration frame is optimized, should apply at actual production, building finite yuan when the model be in the transition between face and face conceal inside reinforcement.