The gives makings opening different regulating unit of gnathic type crusher

  • The gives makings opening different regulating unit of gnathic type crusher

    The width of platoon makings mouth of gnathic type crusher should be accomplished adjustable can accuse, when because be in,gnathic type crusher works, caustic of ceaseless mine stone mill can make certainly width of platoon makings mouth produces change. Caused an error to reduce product quality, want to undertake discharging expecting buccal width is restricted so. Commonly used platoon expects buccal width limitation has the following kinds of kind:
    1. spacer regulating unit. Particular way is after put into a group to adjust after thrust board pedestal bolster plate, when changing bolster plate tree or ply, hind thrust board reach or pusher, all can achieve adjust the purpose of a makings mouth width. Structure of this kind of regulating unit is simple, compact, overall quality increases not much, because of this big, medium-sized E Shi crusher factory uses this kind of device. Its defect is when adjusting, must jockey.
    2. inclined iron regulating unit. It uses bolt or turbine lever or chain gearing, after making, inclined iron rises fall, inclined iron is installed before in frame two parietal guide inside groove, can the level is mobile. When after inclined iron is mentioned, thrust board and the reach that move E Sui, the platoon expects buccal width also is reduced subsequently; After inclined iron drops when, the platoon expects buccal width increases. The advantage of this kind of device is to be able to realize stepless adjustment, when adjusting, also need not jockey. Defect is when adjusting very arduous gas, and overall dimension increases, because this applies to crusher of type of medium, small-sized another name for Hubei province only.
    Regulating unit of 3. hydraulic pressure. This kind of regulating unit uses hydraulic pressure crock and force plunger to adjust a makings mouth width, be moved with the hand or electric hydraulic pump offers oil to hydraulic pressure crock. When adjusting, loosen the nut of taut bedspring above all, open shut-off valve, electromotor of the hydraulic pump that start, fill oil to the crock of two levels hydraulic pressure that is located in at the back of frame, force plunger drives wedge iron to move forth namely, when shift wants the seat to place, close shut-off valve, adjust the ply of spacer.