Fine grind relevant knowledge

  • Fine grind relevant knowledge

    Fine strength of bead of the mine when grinding is great, need broken mine bead small, process condition difficult control, bring about fine grind process efficiency low, power consumption is tall. Accordingly, rise fine grind efficiency to be opposite fine grind the port with be had particularly principal. And rise fine the key that grinds efficiency as to raise abrade area substantially. Should accomplish the method that adopts spherule diameter at this o'clock to increase a ball to count only. Reason is right fine grind, it is better to ball way should make smaller below the premise that makes sure molar power is enough. But fine grind also need slight wallop, steel ball also needs certain quality, to certain size give makings, the lower limit that is put in dimension of ball of a steel is critical value, under this when critical value fine grind efficiency to also want to drop.

    No matter metallic mine or metalloid mine, before mineral separation grind mine to all belong to solution to grind mine from the gender, and the product that grind mine should pass mineral separation. No matter reelect, floatation or magnetic separation, accept the restriction of granuality, exceeding smashs is harmful. And fine in grinding smashing too is more serious, accordingly, in fine how to in grinding, seek fine grind efficiency tall and smash too grinding mine medium gently to replace little steel ball again is a significant problem. SBM company carries old research, reach medium of short column form is used at replacing little steel ball fine grind not only efficiency is tall, and smash too light conclusion, recommend as new-style fine grind medium, already was in the whole nation a lot of choosing the factory wins application. (editor: Xiaoxu)