SBM Zhang Gong introduces the classification of crusher and working principle for you

  • SBM Zhang Gong introduces the classification of crusher and working principle for you

    Crusher sort is numerous, have method of the following kinds of classification normally:

    1, classify by crusher granuality

    1) is thick broken crusher makes the stock of 1500 ~ 500mm broken commonly to 350 ~ 100mm;
    Broken crusher makes the stock of 350 ~ 100mm broken in 2) to 140 ~ 40mm:
    3) finely crusher makes the stock of 100 ~ 140mm broken to 30 ~ 10mm;

    2, classify by crusher structure and working principle
    Crusher of 1) gnathic type has a structure simple, create easy, job reliable, safeguard convenient wait for a characteristic. Already came out more than 100 years, be used widely. Name is broken than 3 ~ 9. Gnathic type crusher can be divided again for compound pendulum gnathic type broken Wu is mixed crusher of single pendulum gnathic type.
    2) cycle crusher is applied to thick broken the ore of all sorts of hardness and rock. Name is broken than 4 ~ 7.
    Can divide further it is two kinds: The cycle crusher that contains insurance unit, cycle type crusher that uses hydraulic pressure adjusting gear and insurance.
    3) conic crusher is mixed with respect to its job principle kinematic and character, with likeness of cycle type crusher, it is a few main parts differ somewhat on the structure only, use at only in broken, finely the stock of all sorts of hardness. Undertake continuously as a result of broken awl broken, reason the productivity of its productivity and unit machinery weight is big, power is used up less also, use extensively what got industrial department. Name is broken than 3 ~ 11.

    By its the appearance of broken antrum can be divided for standard type (use at in broken) , medium-sized (use at in broken or finely) with short head dummy (use at finely) 3 kinds of forms. Adjust the insurance pattern when the mouth that discharge mine and overload by its, can divide for spring and fluid pressure type conic crusher two sort, latter has fast, accurate ground to adjust the mouth that discharge mine, eliminate broken antrum easily to jam the accident such as ore, automatic implementation overload is protected and return to normal working status, and product granuality is even wait for an advantage.