Fluid, solid combines law brief introduction

  • Fluid - solid knot is to be in legally model what some place puts antrum to have good wearability beforehand is prefab piece, next to model inside antrum pouring the mother solution that has good tenacity, carry the hot action with strong mother liquor, make wear-resisting piece and mother liquor contact an interface to be in fused or deliquescent condition inside proper time, what produce an element is mutual diffuse reach metallurgy to react; After condensation, firm fusion welding is wear-resisting piece and mother capable person an organic whole.

    Fluid - the advantage that solid combines is wear-resisting piece can ask according to the use of the spare parts, take what pledge with different figure, different ply, different capable person is prefab piece, cast surface quality is controlled more easily, process is simple, do not need to increase new facility, casting a condition commonly to fall to be able to be produced.