Make arenaceous machine the main effect in mineral separation process

  • Make arenaceous machine the main effect in mineral separation process

    Mine mine is in got rising this year gradually nearly, make the mineral exploitation of our country got very big promotion, and the raw ore resource that comes out from mine mine has mineral two kinds of tired element are combined and become with gangue, if want to use raw ore to must want to pass the manufacturing treatment that makes arenaceous aircraft equipment, gets finished product should accord with the size grain that all sorts of mineral separation ask, will mineral in contained metal and metallic ion come out with the formal extraction of metallic pink.

    The main purpose to mineral separation is to delay the ore after with physics the method will make arenaceous aircraft equipment handle harmful impurity as far as possible get rid of, achieve the grade quality question that raises ore, mineral separation returns the carry box charge of OK and managing ore. In the ore dressing plant, make arenaceous machine basically hold manufacturing operation, finish manufacturing job with other mineral separation equipment jointly, be like and crusher, wash the equipment such as arenaceous machine to cooperate to finish each other. In the process in mineral separation any the manufacturing backwater that midway of a machine stops to move to will cause an ore dressing plant, it is very important that so proper design and choice make the mineral separation equipment such as arenaceous machine.

    Should strengthen pair of equipment and equipment of form a complete set, component in the process that controls arenaceous machine movement maintain work with maintenance, should make sure every equipment can run normally the job, also have very great sense to improving mineral separation technology so, also can take more economic profits to the user.

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