Stone stone is mobile and broken station

  • Stone stone brief introduction

    Stone stone is the degenerative rock that be deteriorated by sandstone and becomes, it is property of a kind of physics and chemistry all very stable mineral products resource, color is more, colorless, white, gray, pink, black waits, stone stone has the of brittleness, pyroelectricity, that suppress report, fireproof and avirulent wait for good performance dominant position without radiation, it is used at public construction and family to decorate commonly wait for a domain, it is housing materials of a kind of new-style green environmental protection.

    The treatment of stone stone needs to wait for working procedure through broken screening, the equipment with stone broken and commonly used stone is stone stone mobile and broken station, the stone stone that by SBM machine major technical group develops is mobile and broken station, the technology is mature, performance dominant position is prominent, everybody is below brief introduction this quartz stone is mobile and broken station.

    Stone stone is mobile and broken station brief introduction

    Stone stone is mobile and broken station by broken system, carry system, screening system to wait for composition, it is collect gives makings, broken, carry, screening the breaking equipment at an organic whole, the stone stone that SBM machine produces is mobile and broken the property that the station can reach stone stone according to producing craft demand undertakes choosing to broken screening means, contented and different with makings need, mobile and broken station can be in stone stone after make choice of produces field, open spot work directly.

    Stone stone is mobile and broken the working principle of the station is stone stone and water through taking makings system by fall into simplified interior to makings end, electromotor passes air clutch and size gear plant to drive cylindrical shell to rotate, contain inside cylindrical shell steel ball, steel ball undertakes pounding to stone stone, bump, abrade, also bumping each other between stone stone at the same time attack abrade, broken outside the chance of relief hole eduction that the stone stone after gives makings sieve via mobile and broken station, complete broken work.

    Stone stone is mobile and broken the advantage of the station

    1, stone stone is mobile and broken station structure is compact, weight is light, volume is minor, operation maintenance is simple, carry convenient, and carry harm won't be caused to road surface when walking.

    2, powerful suiting ability, not only can stand-alone works independently, after the technology that still can combine screening system basis to differ asks to undertake breaking first, be sifted or break after the sieve first, offer for the client convenient.

    3, the installation on mobile and broken station has the facility that prop up, convenient spot be stationed, need to open facility yard land only, can have the spot broken exercise, convenient and quick.

    4, bodywork bracket but circumstance of base area face is optional and adjustable, avoid equipment to wear away, firm bodywork, lengthen service life of equipment.

    5, the mobile with be had better and flexibility, can produce demand shift to come to be produced anyplace according to the client, and won't affect installation character of service.

    6, the function is complete, sort is much, what can have pair of stock not only is broken, still have screening, abrade wait for a lot of other functions.

    7, section cable division is oily, noise is low, dust pollution is little, accord with environmental protection demand to big political integrity restricted cost already.

    8, have unapproachable broken property, taller broken productivity, pass the adjustment of pair of broken speed, stroke, make broken function obtains facility optimal.

    The stone stone that SBM machine produces is mobile and broken station, removed the restriction of broken production technology to broken field, environment, supplied the breaking equipment of efficient, convenient, low cost for the client truly, have good market prospect, if you want to understand more to move about stone stone the function of broken station, welcome you to the company will make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot or dial a hotline to me: 0371-67772626.

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